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This got way too tinfoily after some minutes. Why would this be a government agenda?
You dont just "become" homo or a tranny (the rest is bullshit tumblr special snowflake stuff, like genderless/gender non conforming/othergendershit).
How could this possibly "destroy" the "family unit".
I do resent the fact that this tubmlr shit is being pushed on kids, but this is just dumb.

Ending hetero relationships/families is literally the worst thing a government could do. It's literally shooting yourself in the foot. I dont get it, is this too next level for me?


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Read up on Huxley. His books explain it all. Essentially a genderless society is easier to control. You have to understand, families are where children come from. Once you can eliminate the family unit, then all reproduction is brought under licensing (see China), and population can be controlled in number and in society. Without a real mother and father, young, state produced, humans will only have Government Mom and Government Dad to look to.