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What a crock of shit! Theyre showing this in schools?! The govt is dead set on starting a race war, arent they?

We had made such great strides to get past all of this, and in the last few years, some assholes had to ram it down everyone's throats to distract us. To divide us amongst each other so that we don't put 2 and 2 together and realize the ultra rich and elite are fucking middle class and poor alike, whether white or black. This is garbage propaganda intended to incite hate and civil unrest.

No one ever handed me a giant tube of money. White privilege is non existent. Checking white on my college admissions only made it harder for me to get accepted into college. High school is no place to show a video like this.


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Whites have sat as the majority of the poor in this nation for many years now. Yet every media outlet and every social doctrine is convinced (and frequently insists) that every white person lives an extravagant life at the expense of poor oppressed non-whites everywhere.

In reality, whites do not have the numerous luxuries extended to non-whites. There is no pro-white group in politics dedicated to advancing white interests like blacks have with the NAACP. There are no race-based scholarships extended to whites. There is zero media protection extended to whites otherwise the ludicrous amounts of interracial violence that whites suffer would actually be discussed instead of downplayed or outright denied. Whites are consistently shamed and denigrated in all things imaginable and it is not hyperbole when people say white pride is synonymous with bigotry. It's important to remember that these institutional pleasantries extended to minorities but not whites are nonexistent in non-white nations as indeed the very concept of minorities being treated like special little angels are expected of whites while the other races cackle at the notion of such in their own homes.

Yet white privilege is fiercely pushed and feverishly discussed as a legitimate problem in our society.


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Do you have some stats to expand on your saying that whites have been the biggest poor majority? I'd bet that compared to the population of whites and how many are poor and how many are making liveable wages compared to blacks and how many blacks are poor compared to blacks making liveable wages, i bet blacks would have a higher percentage of people being poor. I dont subscribe to this white guilt nonsense I just don't think that claim is true but prove me wrong!


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According to white privilege, these poor white people shouldn't exist though and poor whites who became successful owe their success to the magical white privilege that allowed such.


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Ridiculous analogy. Whites could never win a foot race against blacks.


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Comments under the article are of good quality.

What do you think, v/conspiracy?