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“But why would you want to offend this poor, oppressed pedosexual, you bigot? You’re just pedophobic!”

– jewish media

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Upvoat for the first time I've seen the word "pedophobic".

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Unfortunately, it won’t be the last. Their routing with people refusing to support trannies is only a temporary setback. They’ll move to polygamy next, then pedophilia, then bestiality.

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I think it would be "pedophiliophobic". Or better, "pedophiliocidal"

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It's been on OAN if you get that, and the fact they have had 2 mayors since then...

Source: http://nypost.com/2017/09/18/seattle-has-had-3-mayors-in-one-week/ -> archive.is link

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Because he was a Democrat.

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I wonder why Seattle isn't protesting in the streets?

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Cause seattle is nothing but a bunch of faggots.

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They're busy washing their pussy hats and making signs for the next cunt march.

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Wait, didn't a doctor question the kids and determine the allegations were false? (IIRC, they couldn't accurately describe his penis).

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So they take potentially traumatized kids and have them describe their attacker's penis? I mean really, how unique can a person's penis really be?

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I am going to assume that an average sized penis is not going to fit into a little kids mouth. When bad things happen to children (or anyone) it is common to close your eyes. As well, some people turn the lights off. It seems stupid to question children about the penis. They are not thinking about looking at the perpetrator and getting evidence for future questioning. The doctor is probably one of (((them)))

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I'm calling it now, he hired a (((doctor))) to help him.

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The media did not want him to step down. Even after 5 cases

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Child molesters reporting about other child molesters? Good luck.

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Can't embarrass liberals who cuddle pedos

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