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Goats, I implore you, PLEASE... if you haven't seen it go to jewtube and search for "Everything is a rich man's trick". It covers everything from the world wars to JFK to 9/11... it will change your life. Covers the Rothchild's rise to power and shows how the central banks operate. Covers the early fight against international bankers. It would be "required reading" if there was a Voat University.

But be warned you can't unsee this shit.

EDIT- See below link from Ex-Redditor. It is about 3.5 hours long. Watch it with a friend.

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There you go thanks was about to edit my comment UPVOAT

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Do not use youtube. The poster below has the hooktube link.

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so the holucaust is real, the jews were victims? Am i on voat?

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What you mean to say it the deepstate kille jfk.

Not just the cia, but private companies, mafia, to foreign governments were involved.

But hey, did you see the sports game? Go sports

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oh yeah man go sports yeah fuckin rah

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This part is questionable. The communists were MUCH more brutal than the Germans, in terms of treatment of POWs and civilians. Adolf Hitler the Greatest Story Never Told is a 6 hour documentary on jewtube that goes from WW1 to Post WW2 from a German perspective. Truly enlightening. The Germans got fucked, twice. They were only defending themselves and their people.

However, I would say Rich Man is still 90-95% accurate and still worth a watch.

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And why would JewTube allow it on their platform if it was true?

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Because who other than the already redpilled will actually watch the whole thing or even take it seriously to begin with? It's the same reason something like the graphic novel Black Monday Murders can exist. I think (((they))) see it as fan fiction. Why worry when nothing will come of it?

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IF a secret cabal overthrew the american government with the assassination of Kennedy, THEN they have been in power ever since, and will not give it back willingly.

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Way before Kennedy indeed. I love how woke this community is.

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Will Trump release the documents or is he controlled by them?

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I believe he is boxed in, with shadow gov on one side of him, blackmailing, and threatening, and on the other, many trusted advisors, who you might guess one or two have been co-opt ed or compromised. One is Steve Pieczniak (spelling?), he's helped Trump get in from the start apparently.

This is why you've heard the concept "4D Chess". At this level, every action and decision you take affects certain people, signaling to others both light and dark sides, both compromised advisors, consultants and those loyal to the end. How does he get all those technologies (and documents) released to MAGA when he's got multi-billion lobbyists (edit, lobbyists representing multi-billion dollar conglomerates with high stakes) breathing down his neck, manipulating outcomes and bet your arse blackmailing him and those closest to him.

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I ask myself, on one hand, would this group be able to control or co-opt a fake revolution against them? Probably, but what would it look like? I also ask myself, if the current regime were draining the swamp as suggested, what would that look like?

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Do people really think that (((they))) would leave an incriminating evidence in there? Jews/Israel killed JFK

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It probably won't go all the way back to (((them))) but it could implicate the government agencies, and probably would at least prove to the plebs that LHO was a lie.

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Almost like Hillary's emails kinda sorta.

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My guess is CIA killed him with the blessing of just about everyone. From the MOB to Cuban Exiles to the Dallas Police Department to LBJ. JFK was bad for business and he was screwing everybody's wife. Oswald was obviously a CIA asset (no surprise the CIA isn't going to turn over their info on Oswald). Oswalds complete biography and motive for the crime making the front page of newspapers halfway around the world mere hours after the event is eerily reminiscent of Osama Bin Laden/911. Bin Laden is/was also a CIA asset, and a great friend of the Bush's. Funny how George Bush sr is the only guy in the world that doesn't recall where he was the day JFK was shot. Scary how these things seem to come full circle.

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color me shot during a transfer.

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Hmmmm, no dossier or files on LHO? Does this mean his family could put in an application to have LHO exonerated? If they don't have any proof of his mental illness or what ever evidence they had in those files that helped prove he was guilty, then the family has nothing to lose in trying to clear the name of LHO.

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hired by the FED because JFK wanted to go back to the gold standard

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I've seen a lot of articles claiming he wanted to implement a silver dollar, not gold. But the evidence is pretty flimsy to even support that claim. Presidents know full well they need the fiat debt money to fund the leviathan, kennedy was no different in that respect. He was likely killed for a combination of things, wanting nuke inspections on israel, refusing to help take back havana for the casinos and wanting to dismantle the cia. Some of the same people having interests in all 3 at the same time.

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