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Child sex abuse gangs could have assaulted ONE MILLION youngsters in the UK http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/child-sex-abuse-gangs-could-5114029


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https://archive.is/60xyF | https://vgy.me/pNPKq8.png :

Rotherham child sex gang shout 'Allahu Akbar' in court | Daily Mail Online

"The investigation that resulted in today's sentences, called Operation Thunder, is the last into child sex abuse in Rotherham to be led by police.", "Members of a Rotherham sex gang today yelled 'Allahu Akbar' in court as they were jailed for abusing a girl who fell pregnant aged 12 after being groomed with alcohol."

'The Hussains were the most notorious perpetrators of terrible abuse against teenage girls in Rotherham. ', "In November last year Sageer Hussain became the last of four brothers jailed for 'degrading and violent' sexual offences against youngsters.", "There were emotional and chaotic scenes at Sheffield Crown Court after two of the latest defendants shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as they were led from the dock."

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Well duh.

Look up this phrase : "what your right hand possesses."


In Islam, the left hand is considered impure, which is why they wipe their asses with only their left hand, and with three stones, no less.

The right hand is for ownership, and slave girls are "possessed by the right hand."

These fucks interpret their rape as an act of war, and the victims are considered possessions.


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In fairness the overwhelmingly vast majority of "Christians" aren't serving their claimed God... Mammon seems pretty popular though, as does the death cult of Catholicism, which doesn't have a "church" with an alter that isn't hiding a "relic" of some dead "saint".... Then there's the Sun good worshipers of "Christianity", loving their SUNday services, when Saturnday {Saturn being another name for the Devil incidentally} was always the 7th day and therefore the "Sabbath"..... Though I'd love to know some of the original non-Satanic names for the days of the week?

[Still actually a fan of Christianity, certainly over Islam, there just aren't very many Christians, just a lot of charlatans, false prophets/profits, and imbeciles who don't even open their Bibles outside of the social clubs they call "church".]