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We have this problem with our generator after a hurricane. It really is to protect the lineman. Now their is a breaker you can install to completely disconnect from the grid they don't care what you do here if you have that ability.

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Just what the power company needs, Johnny homeowner energizing downed lines with 220 volts while someone works on it.

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Except the power company was the one who pushed legislation to force your solar panels to be hooked up to the grid in the first place.

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We have a 23KW Cummins automatic genset running off propane with two 1000gal storage tanks. We are on the grid and this is a standby system for when the power goes out, and it goes out all the time. We are very remote, on a barrier island remote. It also has switch gear that kills the pole mains and switches to genset power when its out. When the power comes back on it switches back to grid power after its restored 90% and cools down for 5 minutes, it will run everything in the house including 4 tons of A/C and puts it out 150 amps. I would hate to see a lineman grab that, it would kill you instantly. During Matthew it ran for 9 days, only shutdowns were for oil checks and rest periods, its continuous duty. My point is way too many yahoos running gensets directly to the panel and its dangerous.

And your statement about the grid and solar panels: Its the law that the power company has to buy your excess solar or manufactured power. Besides, they need all the help they can get.

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Except it isn't 220 at the line it is 15,000 volts or more after it back feeds the transformers.

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I believe yu are correct.

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Grid tied solar systems need batteries or grid power to stabilize current. They are not designed to directly power equipment without one or the other. This is why they have a shutdown relay when grid power is removed. Additionally, most people only lease their roof to an alternative provider. They are not allowed to tamper with the equipment because it does not belong to them.

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Traditional power cannot compete with solar power anymore in Florida, so they have to try to legislate it away.

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You can if they're on top of an RV and you don't tell anyone.

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"That's an RV, Clark."

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“Time and again one hears socialists say that even material want will be easier to bear in a socialist society because people will realize that no one is better off than his neighbor.”

Excerpt From: Ludwig von Mises. “Liberalism.".