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Depressed people have higher levels of cortisol which leads to immense stress on the body. This is a classic case of correlation is not causation.

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I agree fully that causation needs to be established, but there's more to this (imo). Either these meds don't work (if they did, the serotonin/cortisol feedback loop should correct itself), or they do work, and it's not currently possible to explain why people who medicate have higher rates of suicide than unmedicated people that report similar amounts of stress.

My gut tells me its better to deal with life directly than to medicate against it. Neurochemistry defines who we are, and popping pills changes our identities somewhat directly. Maybe that's a good thing with violent psychotics, but (again, imo) some dude who's just a little sad really should not be rolling those dice.

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Completely agree. As someone who suffers from severe depression, SSRIs made a huge difference in my life. I say made and not make because I've been on them for a long time and now I feel nothing most of the time. Anger and apathy, that's about it.

One thing I've learned is that certain molecules look amazingly similar to seratonin, psylocibin being one of them. Interesting that people who microdose on LSD or Psylocibin report alleviation of depression symptoms.

You know there's a reason these drugs are illegal. Can't have the normies fixing themselves without paying shekels for the privilege. Fuck the pharmaceutical companies and fuck the politicians that work for them.

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Depression makes you lazy. One of the theories regarding the increased suicide rate in those who take antidepressants is that increased energy level and drive from the medication gives the person the energy to commit suicide.

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Indeed. A stressor is what a stressor does

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Recently got off my anti Ds because it felt like I was dying very slowly for the last year. Fucking scumbag (((doctors))) trying to take out strong young men in moments of weakness.

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I came off mine early. Those things are garbage. Get some sun, socialise and learn to let things go is what I'd recommend to anyone.

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Sounds like you need more Adderall. To balance yourself of course.

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Thanks doc, but now im too racey, got any downers? Oh, shit, now my energy levels are a little wonky, got any mood stabilizers?

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From another article.

Overall ~13% of the population is on anti-depressants

"Large differences were found in race/ethnicity, with 20.8 percent of white adults reporting antidepressant use versus 8.7 percent of Hispanic adults," they added. About 9 percent of African-Americans reported taking one or more psychiatric drug. Less than 5 percent of asians use them"

Granted I dont think they counted pot toward the hispanic and black stats, but can you guys maybe stop taking these drugs, even niggers know they're are no good, and they are more likely to have mental illnesses. The asians know whats up with these drugs.

Oh and tell your mom to phase them out too, her demographic is the most heavily medicated and most visibly affected by the various affictions on display today. I firmly believe the reason the nation is so fucked up right now is because everybody is on some form of drugs.

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I firmly believe the reason the nation is so fucked up right now is because everybody is on some form of drugs.

You aren't the only one with that belief.

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Peel another layer. People are on drugs because they were robbed of purpose.

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Don't be so silly there goy. Here, take these pills to counter-act that thinking, then some other pills to counter-act those side effects.

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the reason the nation is so fucked up right now is because everybody is on some form of drugs.

You know what the kicker is? It really is everybody, and nobody can even tell what kind of cocktail people are on, in what concentration. Why is this?

It's because a lot of folk dispose of their unused medications by flushing them down the head.

Let me let you in on a little secret. When you flush the head, whatever's in it doesn't go to some magical land called "Away". It goes to the municipal sewage-treatment plant. Those plants are great at filtering human waste, but they are simply not equipped to filter out chemicals of the kind we take as medication. Those chemicals are discharged downstream ... where we frequently find the intakes for other municipal water systems. These systems are also not equipped to filter out medicinal chemicals.

Therefore, unless you're on a RO system or well water, you're drinking a cocktail of Gods know what, in Gods know what kind of concentrations. Think about what that can do to a person.

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To dispense of drugs as appropriately as possible, wrap them in used coffee grinds. They absorb the molecules and prevent them from leaching into the ground water (to a certain extent).

Can't wait for the elite to suffer and die from their own machinations. They're so stupid they don't realize they live on the same fucking planet as the goyim.

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Black tend to be more manic and sociopathic. Whites are on the opposite end. We over empathize ourselves into slumps

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A lot of people today feel depressed because they've been shielded from reality while growing up & aren't equipped to handle life's unfortunate surprises

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Link to Journal Article referenced in OP - Because the author is too retarded to provide such a link herself.

Full-Text Link <- Sci-Hub.ac


I absolutely CANNOT STAND how ALMOST EVERY SINGLE news outlet (alt or MSM) NEVER links to the journal article they are referencing.

SOURCE THE STUPID ARTICLE! For Pete's sake. I thought the point was to inform people. By not providing the journal source--or any actual means of finding the source--these outlets are encouraging ignorance and blind faith. Ridiculous.

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sounds like you need to raise a garden from the bare earth in full sunlight. I guarantee you aren't getting enough sun and exercise.

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90-95% of your dopamine and serotonin is produced in your GI tract. I've been successful at getting countless patients off of antidepressants by addressing gut health and lifestyle factors--bad diets, stress, meds, physical activity, sunshine, etc. There is constant communication between the trillions of bacteria in your colon and your brain. Can be good or bad depending on the microbial balance and make-up. Pills treat symptoms, not the root cause of the problem.

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Depression makes me want to die anyway, so it is a win-win from my point of view!

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