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All this craze about psychedelics lately sketches me out. Keep seeing articles about "Silicon Valley" professionals micro-dosing lsd. While I do agree that psychedelics can be very beneficial in a variety of ways; LSD was created by the CIA as a truth serum/mind control device. While this wasn't actually the ending effect with LSD, I would urge people to consider more natural approaches to psychedelics. Magic mushrooms and ayahuasca are pretty well known, but there are plenty of other remedies used by indiginous peoples throughout history. Just my two cents. Cheers

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I'm with this guy, natural psychedelics are the way to go for this kind of treatment.

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No it wasn't. It was invented by Albert Hoffman, a Swiss national. The aim was to develop a drug for respiratory and circulation, made of active parts of LSD. Not everything is american, not everything is by the FBI. He also enjoyed mindbending drugs in themselves. Nothing sinister here but an amazing find that has opened many a person's true mind. You are talking about 'more natural' psychedelics, such as ayahuasca have also very severe side effects. You can't ask people to go on a course and puke their insides out and be useless for days after whilst you try to guide them. LSD is safe, you feel fine the next day, no physical addiction and even autistic children have been helped by it [without puking].

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Its also moderately good for migraine. Shrooms are better.

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LSD was created by a swiss chemist. The CIA just used it for their (fucked up) purposes. Yes, lately it has gone over the top, but originally it was used in psychiatry. And I agree that its not necessarily the best. Gary Fisher, who IMO had the greatest success, also included mushrooms in his sessions and I think thats why his approach worked so well. Natural > synthetic

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psychedelics and the internet share an interesting history. in the 1980's dead-heads were doing what we do on voat @ the well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_WELL

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I do believe if you give someone LSD. Relax and ease them. It can actually have positive mental effects. It has been done for fucking years. They make them illegal on purpose and feed people actual poison.

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Sad that its true