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I'm about to watch the interview this claim was made in, but this gets me thinking - how many shadow groups run the world? It can't be just one, I mean, I'm sure there's one maybe two major ones, but there's probably some really powerful ones operating within their respective countries or a select few countries and such (like the South Korean president being controlled by the Sisters of...man-something). Do we know how many groups there are or even have an idea? Maybe there's conflict between some of them and we could play them off one another. Maybe a pipe-dream but I'm just brainstorming.

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I break down these shadowy groups into 4 main categories:

-Deep state groups (Kerry, McCain, CIA)

-Organized crime syndicates (Italian mafia, yakuza, ect)

-Global corporations (IBM, monsanto, BP, ect)

-Religious/esoteric brotherhoods (Vatican, zionist jews, freemasons, skull and bones)

Pretty much every power-player I've dug into has ties in at least 2 of these categories, many all in all four. Many of these groups don't get along, but they seem to stay out of each others way as long as one isn't cutting into anothers power/cash flow.

Its probably a bit naive to assume they all play to the same goals, but I feel strongly that they all know of each other.

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I would add the Bush family to your deep state group category.

I assume you are leaving out the obvious ones, like the Rockefellers.

I mention the Bush family because most people do not realize they are trillionaires.

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That's a pretty good categorization, actually.

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Great questions! Keep brainstorming. We will figure something out.

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Bank of International Settlements. Bilderburg group. George Soros. Those are the big ones

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The Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations are other groups to mention.

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What percentage of them are Jews? A not insignificant percentage, I would bet, and a whole lot higher than the percentage of Jews in the world population.

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Here is a flowchart of the historical Cabal. You will recognize the names mentioned.


The Anderson Trust had $1.2T in it in 1946, and part of it was used to create the CIA. The role of the CIA is to acquire natural resources for the Cabal, so I imagine the $1.2T is significantly more now. I believe they changed the name of the Trust, too.

I believe the trillionaire class is the ruling elite. The billionaires are mere pawns.

-Rothschild -Rockefeller -Bushes -Morgans -DuPonts -Harrimans

ForeWarning mentioned to me:

Rothschild - Clinton - DeVoss - Erp as being lower level players.

The top level players are:

Its Goldstein. Abraham. Netanyahu.

I have not had time to research this, though.

Daniel Sheehan mentioned it is about 50-60 men with the real power.

I believe it was Daniel Sheehan that said it is about 300 to 350 families.


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Very interesting it is. I don't believe that they are all tied together in their activities but they sure are in their luciferian beliefs. Given the fact that they are so religious in their doctrines one starts to wonder about the entities they talk with.

For example the aliens, ufos theories. No reports from any telesope in any type of lens has seen an intergalactic entity travelling since no friction in the space is being created. However their are dozens if not hundreds of videos (real ones) of the interdimentional ufos that have been reported. I mean interdimensional because they appear in a pyshical form and disappear short time after.

These entities guide them. But my main concern is that many points of views stand through a socio-economical or secular science perspective and not a religious one.

I got this doubt placed on me today, is the antichrist a conglomerate of institutions that rule this world in the name of lucifer or is the antichrist a man of flesh and bone?

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My bias is that humans are capable of such great evil that we really do not need Satan or Lucifer. We can do all that on our own.

What we can't do is learn to love one another.