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They do look like insects on a window screen, until light starts shooting out of its ass.

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Upvoat brother, though I still need to point out that they can't be bugs due to them being in focus with the rest of the distant scenery.

Yeah sorta, though that would again, be against all properties of optics, since the camera is focused on the distance, which is easily determined by the distant scenery being in focus.

If the bugs were on the lens or on a window near it, they would be heavily out of focus and appear very blurry. This is how optics work (ignoring, e.g., light field cameras, which this isn't).

But regardless of the optics issue, it's clear they have jets of fire coming out the back when they maneuver. The shills are pretending it's reasonable to claim that these are "insect wings" despite that being the most full retard lie possible.

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I don't think that they are in focus. I wonder if it could be their clear wings acting as a lens to the light on the left side of the picture. Just ruling out the ordinary before assuming it's a unicorn.

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What do you mean by optics?

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Eh, could be wings.

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Reddit is a fucking joke these days. I wish voat had more people

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Be careful what you wish for!

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Agreed, I really don't want the same type or numbers of people here as there are on Reddit. Reddit is mainly mainstream except for a handful of subs and even those are a reflection of what they use to be.

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We don't bother to build up our subs.

i am one to talk, i mod the kenshi sub, and no one has been there in a year.

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My theory is that the light seen behind these craft is not fire, but actually a lense of created by condensing and expanding the space around them. Essentialy I believe that when they condence space while in the air, they condence so much atmopshere and water that it creates a lense.

Please tell me what you think as I have never seen this theory anywhere else.

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What you're describing is somewhat similar to how physicists theorize faster-than-light travel could work, which they usually describe as a "warp drive" for the sake of discussion. It is my understanding that this is only even theoretically possible in a near vacuum, because things like water and dust become a real problem at those speeds.

It does make me wonder what would happen if you could dial that idea way down for sub-orbital maneuvers, to accelerate faster than the human anatomy would otherwise allow for. I would speculate that this condensed water vapor would look a lot like a contrail, but only within the area of the (for lack of a better term) condensing field.

Cool theory, thanks for sharing.

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If we are both talking about the alcubierre drive, then that info about how it's only theorized to work in near-vacuum was very enlightenting. I liked that idea about it potentially being water vapor instead of a lense, that sounds very plausible as far as I understand the theory in light of your explanation.

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Wouldnt a warp field/bubble distort spacetime, and everything else within it? Regardless of if it was a vacuum or had lots of stuff in it?

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Maybe, I think I see smoke though which would suggest either plasma or fire of some nature.

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Doesn't look much like an alien type UFO to me, looks like some kind of experimental aircraft.

The fire exiting the side could be an afterburner, and when it simply disappears like that we might be looking at stealth technology.

Anyone find it interesting that the light/fire emissions all appear to be pointing in the same direction?

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Almost like a flying object that has not been identified.

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Stealth technology is all anti-radar though. Unless you know of any UFO size light bending stealth technology existing?

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I'm not saying I know what it was, I'm just saying that an electro reflective coating sounds more feasible than moving out of camera view in less than 1/16th of a second.

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yeah something skunkworks

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And that explains all the shills and what not on Reddit.


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Maybe we can have a more interesting discussion than "Hurr durr bugs, despite that not being the way optics and focus work at all" with a bunch of shill upvotes.

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Would be nice to have sound.. The guy is recording his TV, so he probably saw that on the channel 6 news (oklahoma) and then rewound it again and recorded it with his camera.. Even with sound, we might not be able to hear those objects, but it would be nice to know what the news people were talking about while they were showing that.. They were probably showing the rain, and maybe didn't even notice those objects they were recording.. They switch to a radar screen, which is why I think they were just showing the grass field shot to show that it is raining.. It was probably during their weather segment..

We can tell it is obviously not bugs because of the fire emissions, which means it isn't some thing stuck right on the camera, which means those things are actually in the distance just like they appear to be.. Which means when that one disappears, it isn't some tiny bug that just flew off really fast; it was some thing in the sky that either literally disappeared/warped, or it suddenly took off so incredibly fast that the camera couldn't even catch it moving out of the frame..

It is a shame that the screen switches to radar just as we are seeing the 2nd object start to move.. For all we know, it might have suddenly vanished too after a few seconds just like the 1st one did..

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Could it not be some sort of beetle sticking it's wings out it's ass shell? I dunno, looks really odd. Also appears to go behind the clouds at some point too... I have no idea.

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Could it not be some sort of beetle sticking it's wings out it's ass shell?

Maybe not a beetle, but certainly a bug of some type with clear wings that move around and catch the sunlight.

I love how calling this anything but muhaliens makes me a shill.

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It's a fly, walking up a sheet of glass. You can see its wings. The "fire" was added later.

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No way for me to be sure, but it does look like bugs to me. The flame looking thing is the only thing that makes me think it may not be bugs.

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