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"The Salacious Ammo Even Donald Trump Won't Use in a Fight Against Hillary Clinton https://news.vice.com/article/the-salacious-ammo-even-donald-trump-wont-use-in-a-fight-against-hillary-clinton-bill-clinton

In the late 1990s, Virginia Roberts was recruited to perform a massage for Epstein while working as a $9-per-hour locker room attendant at Mar-A-Lago (at 15 yrs. old - Florida legal working age is 16). (Groomed and culled from Mar-a-Lago by Trumps lesbian/hebophile friend Ghislaine Maxwell, who implicitly works for Jeffrey Epstein). Roberts' father also worked at Mar-A-Lago, which is located about 3 miles away from Epstein's estate, as a maintenance manager.


The Plaza Hotel is the site of room 233, 'where Roy Cohn held child abuse orgies in order to blackmail elites.'

Trump bought the Plaza Hotel in 1988.

Trumps mentor/handler was Roy Cohn.

The FBI Director J edgar Hoover is alleged to have been witnessed dressed up drag with two young boys at the Plaza Hotel.

Could it have been at Roy Cohn's Room 233?


He's also in Epstein's Little Black Book, a list compiled by Epstein and the late Alfredo Rodriguez, his butler, along with prince Andrew, Alec Baldwin, Courtney love...

Billionaire Leslie Wexner Former New Mexico Governor Bruce King Former New Mexico Governor and Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson Peter Soros, the nephew of George Soros Former Miss Sweden and socialite New York City doctor Eva Andersson Dubin


Roy Cohn was the lawyer for the top Mafia families of New York and Canada.

Roy Cohn got Trump linked to key people.

"Cohn was a good friend of Craig Spence and together with top CIA and Army men, as well as politicians and businessmen, he once threw his birthday party at Spence's house.

"Spence was later investigated for running a CIA-sanctioned homosexual and pedophile entrapment ring at his house with operations going straight up to the White House...

"Cohn 'ran the the little boys' with the purpose of blackmailing high officials...

"According to a 1954 news report, Cohn and his aide David Schine had met up with Spanish members of an international underground Nazi network while on a spy-hunting trip in Europe.

"Some of the leading members of this network, according to the newspaper, were Col. Otto Skorzeny, Hjalmar Schacht and Werner Naumann."

"Cohn was a board member of the notorious Permindex firm.

"This company brought together an international group of shady intelligence-connected men ...Board members had connections to the CIA, FBI, and Mossad, not to mention the mafia."

Trump's close friend Roger Stone worked with Roy Cohn.

'I was introduced to Trump by Roy Cohn', says Roger Stone.

Stone remains a "Trump confidante."

Donald Trump has done business with the Bayrock Group, which has been associated with the 'CIA-linked' Gulen movement, and which has been associated with Tevfik Arif, who was arrested in 2010 Turkey as a suspected organizer of an international ring involving young girls.

"Trump bought 40 Wall Street (The Trump Building) for a steal, because it formerly belonged to CIA asset Ferdinand Marcos, and his assets were frozen."

"And through the Council for National Policy, it seems to include the Vatican sex rings as well...

"I was also surprised to find Arik and Bayrock connected to Fethullah Gulen, who I started researching after the Boston Marathon bombing because of his connection to Graham Fuller."

Lawyer Roy Cohn had as his clients Donald Trump, John Gotti, Tony Salerno, and the Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

Cohn advised presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

Cohn 'ran the CIA's child abuse rings'

Michael Glassner (above) arranged the deal that gave the lease of the World Trade Center to the Larry Silverstein Group.[7]

Michael Glassner, formerly of AIPAC, is now Donald Trump's top political planner

Fifty days before 9/11, Larry Silverstein's Silverstein Properties and Frank Lowy's Westfield America secured a 99-year lease on World Trade Center Buildings One, Two, Four and Five. Silverstein already owned Building Seven.

Silverstein and Westfield America insured the WTC complex for $3.55 billion, but after the attacks of September 11 lodged a claim for $7.1 billion on the premise that each plane collision constituted a separate act of terrorism, doubling the payout.

About $5.4 billion went into the pockets of Lowy and Silverstein.

In Atlantic City, Trump bought a property, at twice its market value, from Salvatore Testa, of the Mafia.

Trump Plaza was built on that site.

Mafia companies helped to build Trump Plaza.

The Mafia controlled the bartenders union, which represented Trump's workers in Atlantic City, according to George Anastasia's book, 'Blood and Honor.'

In New York City, several of Trump's buildings were built by S&A Concrete Co., a concern partly owned by the Mafia's Anthony 'Fat Tony' Salerno.

Trump and Salerno were both represented by the attorney Roy Cohn.

On at least one occasion Trump and Salerno "met in Cohn's apartment".

Jeffrey Epstein's Nadia learnt to fly at the same Mossad-linked airfield as the Hebrew-speaking Mohamed Atta, the one he flies into every weekend for his 'weekend whitehouse ' mar-a-lago.



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A mentor in shamelessness: the man who taught Trump the power of publicity


Trump’s Mobbed Up, McCarthyite Mentor Roy Cohn


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