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And no one will care. That's why the government can continuously get away with this shit - no one cares.


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Those who understand the problem sure has hell care, but the vast majority are completely ignorant of what is going on since i happens to their eyes in barren land far away from civilization.


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FFS, our own government smuggled guns into drug dealer's hands that were later used by said drug dealers against the US and its allies in Mexico. The media did its best to make people understand the depth of the treacherous acts there, and they just couldn't get the public to care.

Our own government took drugs and sold them on the streets of our own cities, fueling gang wars and crime, so they could have more money "off the books" to do other shit they don't want us to know about. AND YOU CAN'T GET THE PUBLIC TO CARE.

Sure, some will say they care. But no one is rioting on the streets because of it. No politician had to resign because of it. No politician was voted out of office because of it. Hell, no election campaign even attacked its opponent because of it!

FFS, the head of the NSA provably and on the record, in front of the American people, lied under oath to congress during an official inquiry. The media tried to convey to the people how big a deal it is. AND NO ONE CARES.

No one cares. Yes, as much as I'm ashamed to admit - that includes me. I have food on my table, a roof over my head, and the next episode of [some silly TV show] to wait for - I'm not going out to demand change. I'll post about it online sometimes, if I'm bored.

They have no reason to stop, because NO ONE CARES.


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So what are you going to do about it? Round up some people, grab your guns, maybe occupy a place of government? Oh wait...

Not that I'm mocking the notion; the Bundy's had the right idea, poorly executed. It's just that justice won't come from the courts or media exposure. Real political power comes out of the barrel of a gun; and while we are badly in need of violent uprising, people have to actually be prepared to do violence. The protesters in Oregon were not, and neither are the Oathkeepers. I wish they were. Non-violent dissidence will inevitably be suppressed by those willing to use force.

The man said that a “Common Law Grand Jury” must be formed.

Great, how are you going to enforce your verdict?

“Go to Sheriff Palmer, give him the documents I have in my possession. Get the militia, get the Oath Keepers and every patriot deputized and start arresting everyone all the way from here to Washington D.C. […] fraud has no statue of limitation […] they all need to be indicted.”


These people are living in dream land, thinking that these things can be accomplished through civil means.


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You are 100% correct. I only wish more people realized what's going on.


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So, idk, release them? Post them online? Send them to the news?

A shitty video where I can't barely hear you because of the generator in the background isn't really how you do this.

There's a reason conspiracy fags get called conspiracy fags. It's because you either have no evidence, or seemingly have no idea what to do with it when you do. No, I'm not going to sit through eight and a half minutes of noise. Post it online in a text format. or take picture of those pages.


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The government has betrayed the people many times over, and the people just don't give a shit. Why should this be any different?


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This is music to my ears. I have to go over there to get deputized then?


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This isn't even close to Treason. It amazes me that someone who talks about the Constitution so much has clearly never read it.