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I just hope that for the sake of real justice to the victims, any of the named people do not end up being mobbed and will face a jury of some kind. It's a tricky area, naming names under these crimes especially when the police and courts cannot be trusted to look at evidence in relation to it.

I really cannot blame any non-establishment group for trying to deal with it themselves. It's gone on way too long and needs to be exposed.

The disgusting acts committed by Jimmy Savile were just the tip of the iceberg.


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This is the scary thing. the feeling that anybody could release random names and cause innocent people to get targeted , almost feels like the sort of thing some people would do. very strange cruel world.


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>Ms Marden has large brown (5 pens coin size) moll/wart of the left lip of her front private

Man, if Ms. Marden really has a mole on her pussy the size of a dime, that's not gonna look good.

Is there any reason to believe any of this, other than the two interviews with children I watched on youtube? The fact that they were talking in unison and saying "parents..teachers...policemen.." repeatedly makes me suspect they were put up to it by a psycho mum or dad. If they're getting violated with 'big rubber willies' and kicked in the privates, there's going to be physical evidence.

Google results are kinda sparse:

This lady once was drunk enough to drive on the wrong side of the road and not realize it

One of the allegedly abused kids at a gay wedding

Karen tried to change her profile picture to a puppy when she got doxxed, but it's still on google

I did find this article claiming that the kids were coached by the mum's boyfriend (the guy talking behind the camera in the videos), they also accused him of possible physical abuse.

There were police interviews, and judging by the comments, they did say that:

>Interviewer: You told me about all like, "They all danced 'round with baby skulls." How did you think of that idea?

>Alisa: Because he [Abraham Christie] went like this [lowers voice, changes to different accent]: "They dance around with baby skulls in the church don't they?" That's what Abraham told me, and I said, "No they don't!" And he said, "Yes they do, stop lying, little brat," that's what he told me. So then after, I kept on arguing with him that I didn't, and then he said, "I'm not arguing with you, you did do that, stupid little c**t."

And judging from the responses, that's what happened in the video when it was up. They don't deny it, they just say that this was part of the 'cover up', and rather that the kid was coached to say that.


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Hell yeah, I've been wondering when Anonymous would pipe up ever since the Alisa & Gabriel videos started circulating.


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I know man! I'm stoked. I didn't think they'd garner the support, but now I see this thing blowing up. I'll quote Henry Ford, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

I believe the same is true for corruptions festering in our upper class like this. The people farmers, death eaters, exploiters.


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The UK police actively cover up child abuse when everyone knows it's going like in Rotherham, the chance of them doing anything about this is almost zero. It's up to the public to make an issue out of this.


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lots of work going into suppressing this story all the vids have been purged off this article already.

here's hoping i got a upvote to spare for the OP ++

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What the fuck is this? I really really want this to be fake. This is fucking sick and crazy shit right here.


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There's more where this came from! It's all being done by the people that you "trust" too. I won't bog you down with conspiracy stuff, but just watch Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes wide shut." The movie should be an inspiration to question and dig deeper for what you are not being told.


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This shit cannot be real. This has to be fake.

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