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Just arrived here from Reddit. Fuck Reddit. For those of you that are researching, what is the latest? What could be gained from having access to the physical location (Im not talking about breaking and entering)?


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This saga is what brought me here too. I am so curious as to why everything got whitewashed. WTF? I hope we can get a dialog going again


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we could definitely check if there is a steady inwards/outward flow of children like you would expect. The SAME children. And if they're out of business, we could check to make sure that there are NO children.


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Damn shit is deep. Most interesting:

>I'm curious as to why this 'Ava Salmon' is mentioned here in regards to an 1100 kg shipment of "plastic jewelry" from China

>And a 6825 kg shipment is also listed for the same company, "Fun Stuff"


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>This, above all else, is what bothers me the most, and lends credibility to the human trafficking/pedo ring theory.

>Even the scrapbook math (assuming I'm reading everything properly (QUANTITY- 763), taking into account 400-450g per ball) you should only be looking at about ~340ish KG. This is over 6,800 KG of stuff shipped in. Add to that, the BL lists 'MEASUREMENT 0 X'. So we have sports balls that take up no space at all, that weigh 20x more than they should? Seriously, what the actual fuck did they receive in those shipping containers?

>But, as I said earlier in another post, if this really is a trafficking front, they've already shut it down and are moving on.

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>If I'm reading that right, she accepted an 1100 kg shipment of "fimo plastic jewelry" from Hong Kong? And also a 6825 kg shipment of football and soccer balls? Tha hell?

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>Actual humans being shipped?


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>Putting the tl;dr first, cause it reads so awesome

>5 companies are on a bill of lading for 1 shipping container, contents listed as 1.1KG of "plastic jewelry", and 6,852KG of "soccer/footballs" from China. 1 company in California makes electronic and other "educational toys" and seems to be on the up-and-up. 1 bait-shop in Idaho with a registered sex-offender living at the same address as a company listed as receiver of goods from the shipment. 1 Some financial agency shell-game in Chicago. 1 shady day care in Salt Lake City whose owner shares the last name with an executive (see management, not mayoral) level employee working in City Hall. 1 bounce house rental company in Oregon no one has looked into yet.

>The actual shipping of this container was facilitated by a company with an employed sales executive who once bought/sold 'merchandise' in the defense sector.


>An executive who possibly networked transactions to and for, what I could only imagine being, a very intriguing international clientele in said defense industry. However, there is nothing that explicitly connects this individual to the shipping of the container, other than he is employed for the company on the BL.

>None of that is made up. The links are all right in this thread. Except the stuff I've mentioned in my edits below, which I'll gladly share and encourage you to contact me to receive via PM. I just don't want this shut down for bs 'doxxing'

>Now, onto the post.....

>Ok, not only was it the exact weights, it's the exact same product descriptions and shipping dates.

>And 'Funcrest Bait Shop' sounds shady as hell. Although, all the names here involved are curious; Funland Jumpers, Fun With Phonics, Funcrest Bait Shop, and Fundamental Financial Group. Someone really likes to have fun, and they all like getting the exact same stuff shipped to them on the same boat on the same day. A literal boatload of fun!!

>EDIT: all of them, all 5 business, had all their stuff shipped in the same container.

>EDIT 2: Didn't realise I had made a new post, didn't mean to do that. But I wanted to add:

>The address for Fun Time Bait shop, is the same address for a registered sex offender. Not the owner of the business mind you, but we now have a legit tie-in to pedo and these chinese shipments. So, that's, something?

>The Fundamental Financial Group shipment: There is no website of record for this business, however a search for the name on the BL brings up a gentleman in the chicagoland area, currently working at two places; Fundamental and North South Capital, LLC. The address on the BL is actually the address for North South even though the company listed is Fundamental, Fundamental is registered at a totally different location about 40-50 min away. Smells like some shell-corp antics afoot all over this thing.

>EDIT 3: So it seems one of the executives, based on his linked-in profile, at Fun Stuff Inc (facilitator of the chinese shipment) used to work for a short time with another company

> Regional Account Manager servicing the Defense Industry with Tactical Equipment, Operational Gear, MRO, Fire and Emergency Services, Expeditionary, Medical, and simplified logistic solutions.

> ADS has developed procedures that shorten the "logistics pipeline" to provide rapid response and the best possible pricing to our customers worldwide.

> ADS specializes in working with defense and security contractors as well as protective services organizations. No matter what uniform you wear, our mission is to provide the specialized equipment and related services you need to complete your mission at home, in theater, or around the globe.

>Nope, nothing curious about that. Oh, and the company he works for now is the one who has their current merchandise pehind password protection. Look at their site again, and ask why that is necessary.

>EDIT 4: Can't seem to find much about the Fun With Phonics company, other than a lawsuit with Leapfrog. What I do find curious though, is this is a company with almost 1 mil in annual revenue. What are they doing in bed with these other 4 companies and shell corps?

>Oh, the owner has spent some time in Africa you say? Educating the children of Ethiopia? Good for him!

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>Didn't even connect that they all started with 'fun'


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lol you guys are gonna get creamed if you stick to exposing these people

it's clearly a string to a major creep yarn ball you're pulling from

defense, pedo ring, what else?


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Just came over from reddit. I work in freight billing. (international) The one container is normal for several shipments to come across at once, but not the locations. This a phenomenal amount of goods and none of these places are set up to distribute them.


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Suck it plebbit.