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The Communists are responsible for the deaths of at least 170 milion victims and Communism is pure Talmudism.

Ordinary Russians did not kill the Kulaks, the Jews killed them:Dekulakization The Slavs do not want to kill other Slavs because they see them as brothers.

I do not know the current situation in Russia well but probably it is similar to Poland. In 1945, we thought we were liberated and another period of occupation began. All power was taken over by the Jews who came with the Red Army or had just taken off the uniforms of SS-Galizien. In 1989 after the "overthrow" of communism, most of the power was taken over by the children of the "liberators" of 1945 associated with special services jews under new Polish-sounding names. Even John Paul II had a grandmother nee Scholz (maternal jewish mtDNA) and one of his first decrees was the exclusion of the Polish National Church in the USA.

Coronovirus is the next, final phase of enslavement and plunder of people, and when mass vaccination occurs, it is also genocide. Everyone will notice it after a few months after vaccination (or just poisoning) when all men able to fight will have symptoms of Gulf War syndrome

This conspiracy has already happened once:Jewish Doctors' plot

Stay strong there in Russia

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Great post. Thanks for sharing info.

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You're welcome!

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these numbers are way off.. People died after world wars from having no economy, therefore no food. The communists is probably some manifestation of a jewish ideal. Though now who knows who is in control, you know?

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I understand your attitude but the more you know the more ... 6 milion is way off. It means during the war Germans had to kill and utilize 147 jews per hour, 24/7, seven days a week for 4 years and 5 months of WWII, while having war going on on two fronts.

Read my comment: r/Holodomor was banned watch: the (((Assassination))) of John F Kennedyand read about how they sterilized thousands of Ethiopian Jewish women in Israel and killed thousands of black children by X-ray exposure under the pretext of treating psoriasis of the skin. I don't have to mention the fact that the systematic extermination of Palestinians has been going on for 70 years now.

Many wiser than me left clues in their work where the problem lies, because they could not say that it is about Jews.

Eric Blair, better known as George Orwell, had a rooster named Henry Ford (author of "The international jew") and a poodle named Marx(comunist jew).

The most famous book by F.S.Fitgerald "Great Gatsby" was initially to be called Trimalchioant it is about jew that made lots of dirty monay.

Then read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and then you will understand where the source of today's world’s problems really is. Everything is there. From public ridicule to all who dare to oppose Zionism, to forced vaccination.

Who is in controll? those who shout the loudest when you want to deprive them of power. Sodomites and usurers as Dante Aligieri called them.

Edit: here is direct link to protocols