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Better suck a little harder, or the shekels won't flow. --- Frank Zappa


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I'd never heard that. Ha!

Hey, Joe, who did you blow?

Moe pushed the button boy

And you went to the show

Better suck a little harder or the shekels won't flow

And I don't mean your thumb


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Traitors, all of them.


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So when can we start filing charges for treason?


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Well that's a clearly balanced and non-biased headline and article.

Why are you so upset our leaders are talking to our allies about their needs and wants?

Just because you don't agree doesn't mean they are committing treason.

Please don't make Voat into the sad partisan crap fest that other site became.


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I'm upset that our leaders can't satisfy the needs and wants of the American people, yet they have time to get wined and dined by Yahoo. Democrats and Republicans congressmen are going to Israel so this is not a partisan issue, unless you mean partisan toward making peace with Iran as opposed to war. Stop punishing Iranians for having a bad government, and take a look at our government. Iran has not attacked another country in 214 years, while we are the only nation to drop Atomic bombs on civilians. How many countries has the US invaded since WWII? 69 How many of those invasions resulted in a benefit that was greater than the cost to the average American taxpayer? 0
It seems like now would be a good time to stop invading countries, and find better ways to employ our ingenuity.