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They have to meet in secret because they are criminals.

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They're scared because too many people are aware of their fruity little club. There's going to be push back one day, I know there are people out there who would consider sacrificing their lives to end their stranglehold on the world; it terrifies them.

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don't worry they will leak it, they love the spotlight

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it might be in a controversial place like saudi arabia, they support them but it looks bad since they behead gays and stone women there

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Fucks are starting to get more cautious.

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Maybe they are expecting arrests of their empire.

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Yeah, they are just going to arrest themselves. I'm sure that is what they are afraid of.

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Because they don't tell outsiders? The fuck kind of question is that .. ? A dumb one, that's what.

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Yeah, why ask questions? You're obviously a dumb one from reddit.