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Why aren't the grass and bushes also dying?

[–] GrandNagus 2 points 12 points (+14|-2) ago 

Because 5G transmitters face 360 degrees in the horizontal plane, it's not aimed up or down because the skip zone directly underneath is covered by the bouncing radiowaves from the surrounding buildings and vegetation, and there is sure to be overlap and redundancy from other transmitters.

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Good eye. It's on top of the light, which may shield the area below, is my guess. It also could be unrelated damage to the roots as stated below by ArcAngel.

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Except supposedly there are a number of videos of tree doing this next to transmitters...

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Some plants may be affected more than others.

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Some animals are more equal than others.

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My thought too. Also, all the grass is dead around the trunk. some idiot laid ground clear around the trunk not thinking it would kill the grass, not the tree.

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Except the claim is there are a number of video of trees with same effect next to transmitters.

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Initially this seems plausible. Except for the fact that the bushes and shrubs and grass are all fine. I have, seen particular types of fungus that can literally kill a tree up one side and leave the other side healthy and spry just like this video. Not saying I disagree, but I would need some additional evidence before I bought into this theory.

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Yeah was curious about the grass too . Looked unaffected

[–] ThisIsMyRealName 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

Grass is the hardest weed to kill off. Probably one of the reasons it's primarily used to cover lawns is how tough and resilient it is.

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The claim from the video is that there are other trees next to transmitters with similar damage. Notice how the transmitter is on top of a light which shields the signal from going downward? That explains the grass...

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Here is a scientific article:
RF injures trees.

Interesting CIA/KGB research on EM-radiation.
Warning CIA site!
Effects of non-ionizing radiation
1Ghz radiation of 0.00005W/cm² can damage the DNA and kill cells.

The effects of superhigh-frequency EM radiation on Electrophoretic mobility of erythrocytes
The ions are forces through the membranes via electrical fields, causing damage.

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I had a dying tree and it was the same thing with no 5G shit around....

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Bark takes a while to fall off too. I wonder how long this tree has been like that.

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if it was perfectly healthy before the 5G thing and then a year later it's like that he might have something there, but I don't think he mentioned that.

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His looks like multiple trunks that grew together, and one of them is healthy. I had a tree with three trunks, and the middle one died.

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You know it takes a while for a tree to get sick enough that the bark starts falling off. How recently have they been rolling out 5G?

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Not long. Guy is conflating cause and effect with no supporting evidence.

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Stop filming and put a chain around it and bring it down if you're so concerned.

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Now I'm imagining the dumb fucker pulling the tree down instead!

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what is gallium

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If the bark gets damaged on one side of a tree it causes the side of the tree to die. Beavers cause this a lot but here it was probably bugs or fungal.

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