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I don't think this is the case. A nuclear blast from underneath would have thrown material outwards, as well as created a wave through the ground similar to an earthquake. Neither of which happened.

Most likely, it was controlled demolition with previously placed thermite on structural pillars. The collapses of all three buildings in NY is consistent with this type of controlled demolition. Additionally, thermite was found in the rubble.

Now this leaves the question of where the hell the massive amount of dust came from, as well as where the mass of the buildings went. Somewhere around like 20% (going from memory) of the rubble you'd expect from buildings this size were actually present at ground zero. There's an interesting theory that nano-thermite was used, which could have been mixed into building materials, or even painted onto walls or columns. It seems feasible that nano-thermite could have generated a massive amount of fine particulate, which caused the cloud and loss of material.

There's another theory advanced energy weapons were used, but I prefer the simplest explanation, which would be thermite, potentially nano-thermite controlled demolition.

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The controlled demolition from mossad is a given with the photographic evidence of their "b-thing" artists next to boxes and boxes and boxes of detonators.

I always thought the advanced energy weapon stuff was a tad loony, but it's hard to explain the damage done to the cars nearby otherwise. http://chazzsongs911.blogspot.com/2007/03/what-melted-cop-cars-7-blocks-from-wtc.html

I watched a video of a presentation of the damage the tech does, and it is very consistent to what happened at the WTC buildings - concrete turns to dust, and it basically made me a believer that it has to be this. Only thing is that it would need a massive amount of energy to power this kind of device, so either it was placed underneath the building, or they have something akin to a deathstar in orbit. Would explain the "wildfires" in Cali as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEalioo3EIM

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Very fascinating links. Yeah, even nanothermite does not explain that very bizarre car damage from blocks away. In parking lots that the debris didn't even travel to.

Haven't yet watched the video ad 1 it's so long, but it's on my list to listen to during my commute. Will check it out soon.

Thanks for the links. It definitely does seem that some kind of advanced technology was used that the public isn't aware of.

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You could argue that a nuclear shaped charge vaporizes stuff without sending big shockwaves through the ground. You could argue thermite being deployed, but there the video evidence shows no light and you would be stuck after the collapse with the same amount of material, just in a molten form but that was not the case.Also the dustification of this cant be explained with either nuke or thermite, but the top falling cant be explained with directed energy weapons. However, if you consider multiple sides playing different angles...

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What is that picture depicting? I hadn't seen that before. Are those towers on top of building 7?

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all of NYC is. heightened cancer rates since 9/11

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All it takes is a Geiger counter.

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Ugh — so glad I visited...

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Using thermite on core parts of the steel structure of the buildings is far more likely than a nuke.

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How do you do this with thermite? You cant even do it with a nuke.

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Thermite is incredibly hot and has no problem melting steel, and cement.

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The clouds of dust were caused by the collapsing of the hundreds of floors of concrete-- all that concrete was smashed so quickly and violently it basically vaporized. That's not evidence of a nuke at all.

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Exactly, what turns high grade steel to dust in seconds? Directed energy weapon.

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I dont believe the nuke version. A nuclear shaped charge seems plausible, however the video evidence doesnt support it.

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it's possible this is a conspiracy that is separate from 9/11, they are just radiating this huge city for population control, and to sicken people to make them more docile, give them cancer so medical industry benefits.

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The cancer can be attributed to the pulverized and breathed in asbestos. The Hutchison-style dustification presented by Judy whatever, thats the only explanation for the single spire turning to dust. Nuclear shaped charge would have not turn it into dust after, but immediately. Thermite doesnt do that at all. What i think is possible that there were 3 angles to the towers, one hitting it with a missile, one wanting to bring them down and one trying to minimize damage to surrounding enviroment, all 3 by 3 different sides.