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William Cooper called it. The Patriot Act was pre-written and implemented immediately afterwards. That's the biggest tell without going down any rabbit holes.

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Didn’t Brett Kavanaugh write part of the patriot act?

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Joe Biden wrote it

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The Senate unanimously confirmed Mueller as FBI director on August 2, 2001, voting 98–0 in favor of his appointment.[43]


Just in time to fuck up the 9/11 investigation enough to,

  • Let the Dancing Israelis go

  • Invade the Wrong Country

  • Proliferate the WMD Lies

  • Bury evidence of who really did 9/11 [PNAC Satellite peoples such as Dick Cheney]

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There's nothing to revist. Christopher Bollyn has it all solved.. The Jews did it, of course.

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Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have been analyzing the evidence for many years now. This shows that not all professions are spineless. Yet I would not hold my breath for a mainstream political voice to go near the subject.

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No planes hit any buildings on 9/11, for one.

I don't know why it's so hard for people to accept this.

30 minutes of research makes it clearly obvious that no place crashed in Shanksville or struck the Pentagon. Just because they showed some badly aging, glitchy, physically impossible, inconsistent CGI footage on television of some generic plane-sprites melting into the twin towers, doesn't mean that really happened. The entire day was a made-for-television illusion.

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We're no longer calling our french fries by that name. From now on, they are FREEDOM FRIES.

Remember that shit? All because the French opposed the Iraq invasion. The propaganda was strong...

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The one Robert Mueller wrote?

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Someone posted a link to this, I think here, recently. It's a fairly new twenty minute documentary. Very well done. Good thing to show those in your life who are on the fence about the reality of things. I recommend it even to the most seasoned conspiracy investigators. Maybe nothing new to those of us who have poured over 9/11 for years, but it helps to keep the rage flowing.


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