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Motion Pictures is mkultra. Everyone is affected. Its not natural.

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Okay, let's clarify something here:

Monarch is a type of programming. They can implement a wide variety nowadays. Monarch was a type of programming historically used by royalty to maintain their line in various ways (these words might be deceiving, as I don't mean physically). They did this by controlling and morphing their kin's mind to be prepped for holding positions of authority.

Monarch is an old term, often associated with pillars, checkered patterns, butterflys, etc. However, since refining these tactics via the likes of Josef Mengele and the advancements made by him and his predecessors, they find there is limited use for such a script. Instead, they've deviated, casting methods of control seen in use due to Operation Mockingbird, where they've rolled out this program that makes use of certain techniques that apply to a wider audience. Yes, this is to say that the majority of Americans have been lab rats for the CIA's newest iteration of a more current population control schedule like was seen in use post French revolution.

The more refined methods in use on individuals, reminding us of historical accounts today, are beta sex kitten programming, super soldier programming, and various different setups that involve memory isolation. I don't want to get too specific here, but hopefully it can suffice to say that the sex kittens are used for trafficking (think branding, the podesta video supposedly taken at Comet Ping Pong, etc), super soldiers for... uh soldiers (more extreme cases are like Jason Bourne shit - Delta Altars), and finally memory manipulation is used widely for things like tech advancements that are made too soon, pesky "journalists" who learn too much, etc.

Ultimately, you're certainly on to something, OP. What you're seeing, but not so easily capable of describing, is the deployment of wider ranging techniques refined through the Mockingbird Era (which is by no means behind us, mind you: see Mika Brzezinski, Anderson Cooper, etc.). These techniques come to us in the form of refresh rates, deviant lighting techniques, laugh track sequences, audio manipulation, and most recently, techniques like we saw with the early stages of deep fakes like that video where a monkey is used to mimick George W Bush's (Scherff Jr.) face and now the full fledge public understanding of current deep fake confusion. Be aware, however, these are only very few examples.

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You're probably right. I've noticed more recently that people are being programmed to be pathological liars, especially women. They make up fake lives for themselves on social media, engage in more adultery, and make false rape accusations. They're telling their truth.

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Yes, you’re onto something... and in regards to DELTA consider the first person shooter video games. They are certainly responsible for increased violent activity in my mind.

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strong and resourceful whites are being pressured by various forms of hostile conversion, into either delta or omega states

none of its natural

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What about the autistic kid who decided he was trans and his father said it was only cuz he saw it on tv and shot.

Trans identity abuse is at the foundation of mkultra beta for children.

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Hedonism and degeneracy are the first stages of late civilization.

They're going to talk about Western civilisation like we talk about the ancient Greeks and the Romans, or more likely the mythical Atlanteans.

"These ancient people could fly into space and had thinking machines, and were a funny light beige colour, students."

"Where did they go, Imam?"

"They tyrannically shared all of their wealth and technology so they had to go, I'm afraid."

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Cat girls/cutting are more common if you frequently visit particular websites where it's more common. Irl it's not. Hedonism and degeneracy are very much becoming the norm and being pushed everywhere including irl. The kike media is to blame.

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