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What a dream it would be to see millions of spics being dragged out of their homes and having their asses kicked back across the border. Then, we could give away all their empty homes for free to young white couples who want to have children. It would be a perfect way to at least turn things around in this country.

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You do realize those homes will be scooped up and given to section 8 niggers right?

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Of course.

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Papers, please!

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Well, some of those section 8 niggers are white.

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Big banks would get them silly goyim

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It really fuckin would. THEY let it get to this point now WE want to fucking change that.

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I have a dream...

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Yep exactly.

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>inb4 'housing redistribution is communist

Joking aside, You're correct. Then all we'd need is some public works projects to put the men of those couples to honest work, in exchange for honest pay- perhaps in the form of some sort of greenback/mark?

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I am very much against communism, whether it be preached by marxists or pro-whites. I really don't see this as communism or statism. The government has handed out freebies plenty of times before to increase productivity and create a better Nation. I am against socialism in the long wrong, but I think we need to do some corrections, like the one above and also some kind of incentive for whites to start reproducing again. Essentially what Hitler did and he had one of the most successful models that ever existed.

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Yeah. Against white militias...

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And zero evidence that the president has actually done anything

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Damn I wish this was true

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We'll see

We'll see


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That’s why I said I wish...a feller can can’t cant xe?

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it's natural news. of course it's bullshit

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There was a moderately good source for this.

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Shamelessly defend your 2A rights from anyone who tries to take your guns... No matter who they are or what they say if this happens. Do it it The smartest way you can. Be that words or... Action.

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...or maybe he’ll just tweet about it and do nothing.

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I'll believe it when I see it.

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Agreed. Let's hope.

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lets hope for a military state? are you serious?

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Trump will use it against Nazi shit posters

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