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I just can't shake the feeling that were being decieved on a global scale. That a great big trick is being played on every decent soul on earth and when the trap springs, everyone will let out a collective "ohhhhhh, were fucked". And then the REALLY bad shit will start.

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The gunshots pretty much shatter the sound profile of anything else. It takes it quite a while to equalize.

I had a GoPro hero 6 black and when I recorded some range time it was the same way. Takes it some time to get back to normal.

By the way the one he used was not as good as the 6 either. His video had lots of washout and grain textures.

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I appreciate your feedback, can you please look at these two areas:

1) Please pay attention from 6m16sec to 6m27sec in the video as he walks away from his car, turns right, and walks along the sidewalk in front of the wall, the sound from the music should be fading but it doesn't, he is walking up the sidewalk towards the front gate, there is passing car traffic the sound levels should adjust for car traffic and partially drown out the music, but it never does, the music stays steady. Just the acoustics of walking in front of the concrete wall should change the sound but it doesn't.

2) Now notice how loud the music is at around 6m44-45sec when he is inside the mosque, compared to how loud it was at 6m12sec when he was right next to the car. Its actually louder inside the mosque than it was when he was right next to his car. Bear in mind there is sound absorbing carpet, multiple walls for the sound to travel through, and I would guess the car is 25 feet away at this point.

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It was streamed as well. The loss of sound or presence of it is unpredictable to say the least. People are acting as if there isn’t such a thing as data loss on live stream from a cell phone or whatever he was using.

There is and you can’t predict it.

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I say we should test your theory. Here, in America.

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The music inside the mosque was some other music. People were in fact in pain and moaning. When he comes back in the second time and shoots that guy in the head you hear him stop moaning.

Why must this be fake to you?

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There's no music playing from within the mosque, otherwise we would have heard it over the drummer music in the beginning. When it switches to a new song, that same song is playing when he goes back to his car at around 9m30sec, same music, its all supposedly from his car. (In addition to the 2 key points I've listed above)