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Because Reddit is run by fascist pussies

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I meant aside from that :P

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That really is it. They gave no reason and they won't. They are simply fascist pussy niggerfaggots.

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But they all hate fascism.

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A bunch of radical leftists formed a sub called banout2018 and they have a long list of subs they deem hate subs. They are going through their list and getting admins to ban them all.

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I strongly sympathize with antifa and the radical left, but oppressing free speech is just stalinistic. I thought those times are over.

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It could be, it could also be the regular reddit goon squad. They used to have Shitredditsays and a few other subs that would harass and get subs shut down.

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How long before this spews out unto the streets? I mean really, honest question. This censorship is reaching max levels already.

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I don't know, but I definitely think those that cheer the heavy handed censorship going on have absolutely no concept of the true depth of the righteous anger simmering in the average American because of this shit.

I myself won't ever fight for a "cause" ever again because I believe the war was irreversibly lost long ago, but I am no pacifist if violent riots come to my suburban street & threaten the people I love. I have no more patience for the violent idiots (from all sides) that are so easily worked into a hateful frenzy because they believe the incindiary lies they've been force-fed to create such profitable division between the slave classes.

I wouldn't be surprised if this latest wave of bans were actually coming from the "right" to further fan the underdog/persecution complex flames to increase people's emotional investment in being on the morally wronged side.

Personally, I think Q is nothing more than a clever reelection marketing strategy so something like that fits imo... Still, not a bad idea to put away some emergency supplies and develop good working relationships with your neighbors just in case ..

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Even if it’s lost cause I refuse to live on my knees.

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I do think the righteous anger is real.

Also, banning those subs on reddit is probably enough to push normies to 8chan...which could be interesting.

They also banned a sort-of-related private sub that I was a member of. I've never seen anything resembling a threat of violence on there - no idea why they went after than one - except that maybe it's the head mod / owner. He seems have been unpersoned on reddit. His account is still there, but there's three comments, total, which is bonkers.

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That definitely is a possibility, but the right has began to gain a lot of traction on YouTube and Reddit recently. A move like that would be akin to shooting yourself in the foot. Occam's razor, it's just liberal admins, purging prior to an election.

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it won't, have you seen any of those videos of antifa basement pussies being beaten by real men?

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Because Reddit is run by a bunch of leftist brainwashed drones that are doing their master's bidding. Satan's fluffers at work.

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The "official" reason that I read was that the sub was inciting violence. It had 2 similiar off shoots with slightly different names that got banned as well, the reason for those bannings were different. Reddits going to hell quick. Finally made my way over here, however I seem to have misplaced my peace offerings. IOU

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That is such a lie. Whatever you think of the Q people or Q generally, they are not violent.

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You misunderstood. That wasnt my take on that group, that was the "reason" for their banning.

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Reddit is purging anyone that doesn't follow the "rules"

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To send those windbags over here and make this place even worse.

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