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Thank you to the other commenters providing links. OP I appreciate you steering us in the right direction, but if you’ve got info, share it. Why are you posting it otherwise?

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I didn't have any specific links to post, thats what I have the rest of you for. Thanks to everyone who is helping provide legit info.

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Between the perfectly symmetrical collapse and building 7, I never bothered to give a shit about the rest of it.

The whole thing was obviously a load of bullshit, and we'll never know what happened... only how it was used by the empire.

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Towers were built 33 years in advance knowing they would be demolished. Its not complex.

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First heard of it yesterday, it's blowing my mind (and I'm also really freaked out I hadn't heard of it before because I thought I was well versed on the subject, is this a hoax? Oooh, or a Mandela effect??

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100% natural and gluten free. No hoax. Mandela effect helps stoners cope with memory loss.

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Tell me if all of these seem right to you:
Desi Arnaz (not Desi Arnez)
Rod Serling (not Rod Sterling)
Berenstain Bears (not Berenstein Bears)
"Magic mirror on the wall" (not "mirror mirror on the wall")
Sally Field (not Sally Fields)
Christopher Reeve (not Christopher Reeves)

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Lol, I definitely agree with you on the Mandela effect in general, I'm still stunned that yesterday was the first I'd heard of it though

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Building 6 - Christopher Bollyn http://www.bollyn.com/the-mystery-of-wtc-6/

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Never heard of it, since building 7 was enough for me.

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I think it was blown up as a smokescreen for the bombs in the basements of the towers, there a similar thing at the Pentagon.

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I had heard of 2 others being hit, but at the time didn't really think much of it, past "inside job", I put it on a shelf in my mind and, has since gathered dust until just now. .... damn

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Just don't forget about building #9