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Well duh.

If you can't afford a VPN use TOR to protect some of your communication. I use Orbit to route my messenger apps through TOR and I have it set to only connect to US servers. So I do not get anyone in Europe in trouble.

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A VPN is about $3 per month if you get a long contract. Can usually be used on 5-7 devices with one account, so you can even share the cost with a buddy! Easily worth it.

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Is there one you recommend?

I know several of them are compromised, keep logs, etc. Even some that say they don’t, are in fact found to do so (I remember one, TunnelBear or something (Icould be wrong on the name) was found to be doing this many years ago)

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*Orbot (Tor for Android) https://f-droid.org

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There's no free wifi.

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