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Bingo. The media covers for them and knows exactly what is up. The media is responsible for framing and justifying other crimes, such as our presence in Syria.

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The best logical consequence that there is to explain all the things behind the curtain.

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There is a 3rd possibility that has an order of events that need to take place before we can get to the truth about 9/11. Really, what exactly do you think is behind the panic of the Deep State, the Bush's and Clinton's, Obama, and former CIA Officials ?

it's coming... Meanwhile, Trump is playing patty cake because the MSM is attempting to label him a CT.

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Yes, there is a certain level you have to be on in order for you to be included into the Disney CNN etc network.

Im not saying that you have to be on the same level as their bankers and supporters who actually fuck and murder little children, but you have to be on a lower conscience and consciously retarded; hand picked and raised by faggots.

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Big money being stolen we know there are lies being told to make it last.

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Yup, you got it .

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Dead right. Murderers every one.

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That makes perfect sense. I believe we will eventually know what happened. These "people" are greedy, sickening excuses for humanity.

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