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Leftist garbage. The Catholic Church is the arch enemy of the Zionist Jew and the Vatican was given sovereignty by none other than Hitler. They have manipulated the church since WWII to depopularize it, weaken it, and eventually destroy it. No one talks about the mass child trafficking out of Israel though, that's just antisemetic.

If you don't believe this is leftist propaganda take a look at the ads on that page.

Is there enough wealth in the world to stop climate change?

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Yup, churches infiltrated and pedos installed to destroy Christianity by design.

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fascism was nothing but far right catholicism, Franco in spain,pinochet in chile,salazar in portugal,the leaders of vichy france,vidal in argentina also the leaders of ustashe movement in croatia, were all faithful practicing right catholic, they kicked the a** of lefties in their respective countries thats why the left and leftist/liberal dominated liberal media hates the catholic church and every now and then spreads lies against the catholic church.

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Does David Icke have a twitter?

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Christcucks think its zero sum "the jews do it not us". All abrahamic religions have pedo priests.

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Nevermind Hollywood goyim look at what the Catholics are doing! Forget about Israel taking your $, military technology and trying to start WWIII, look at china making pollution!

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David Icke? Seriously?

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