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Remember how their were 17 'concentration camps'. Yet only 5 had 'gas chambers'. Those 5 were all 'liberated' and 'investigated' by Russian officials. Did you know the Russian government was 85% Bolshevik Jews?

I think that's all the proof you need.


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And it was those Bolshevik jews who actually killed more people in their Holodomor and gulags. But if the Holocaust is a lie, yet it gets the most attention, then there is a serious problem here.


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The Russians killed the most Jews. They just can't play on it like they can with another


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The myth of the Holocaust is based on just enough historical fact that the Jews can point to historical events and say, "See, see, it's all true, you evil Nazi, you."

The facts are, Germans recognized Jews as the enemies of the German state during the 1930s and took measures to limit the damage Jews could do to Germany.

Concentration camps were set up to house Jews, along with many other perceived enemies of Germany, such as homosexuals, communist radicals, gypsies, and other groups, and during the war living conditions in these camps deteriorated.

It's a fact that Jews had a hard time in Germany and Poland during WW2. But so did Christians. It was war and many people suffered and died.

However, when you come to the particulars of the Holocaust mythology, that's where the exaggerations and lies become painfully obvious. The biggest lie is the six million. Six million is a magic number for the Jews -- it has no relationship with the actual number of Jews who died in German concentration camps, or even with the total number of Jews who died during WW2. I won't enter into the Kabalistic mysticism of the number 6, and the number six million, for Jews here. You can find it examined elsewhere on the Internet.

What is untrue about the Holocaust myth is that Jews were somehow the reason for WW2. Jews like to place themselves at the center of everything, but the traitorous behavior of Jews during WW2 was only one minor factor of the war. There was no grand plan by the Nazis to exterminate all Jews. Maybe some individual Nazis dreamed about such an achievement, but it was never practical and the Nazis never tried to initiate such a plan in an official way. Despite Jew lies, no such order was ever given.

There was no wholescale program of extermination at the work camps where the Jew and Christian enemies of the German state were kept -- they were work camps, where war work was done. Prisoners were forced to work for their food and lodging, and sometimes the work was hard. Toward the end of the war, when German supply lines were cut by Allied bombing raids, food became short at the camps and people began to starve. This wasn't an extermination plan -- there was just no food to give the work forces of the camps.

Why would the Germans deliberately starve their own workers? Why would they torture them? Why would they gas them in mass gas chambers? Does that make any rational sense to you? No, it doesn't. It's idiotic. To believe such nonsense, you would have to believe that the Germans were insane, sadistic monsters driven to irrational, self-destructive acts by their hatred for the Jews. And this is precisely what the fanatical Jews actually believe. But it is absurd. No rational person will believe such drivel.

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Doesn’t c3PO also have a golden calf? The one piece of his otherwise silver exterior is one golden shin/calf piece.


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This is a good watch.

David Irving Examines The Holocaust


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The global white holocaust is what is happening now. 30 percent down to 15 about half way complete... Who will be around to argue it even happened?


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The real name for the holocaust is the Transfer Agreement, so Euro jews could flood palestine and create their unlawful homeland. Swastika on one side , star of David on the other. Been lied to for a long time.


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The ironic part is that, once you realise that the Holocaust is just a bunch of bullshit, you come to the fact that Hitler did more to save jewish lifes in Europe than any other leader. One of the safest areas to be in during the war was in the German run labour camps while heavily populated civilian areas, specially in Germany, such as Dresden and Nuremberg were the least safest areas to be in because they were constantly under heavy bombardment by the allies. So, in reality, while the German gentile were being massacred daily, the jews in Auschwitz were enjoying the swimming pool and the theatre there.

Because of Hitlers policies towards the jews (sending them to Palestine or sending them to labour camps), way more jews ended up being alive than dead after WW2 because of it.


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The only historical event that is so undeniably true that its illegal to think otherwise.


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