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and this is why the pope supports the war on drugs. because its not a war on 'drugs', its a war on competing drug cartels. the ones cia is running are okay by bergoglio.

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It's a genius and evil scheme. Having a monopoly on addictive substances is the ultimate in profitability.

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It's easier than you could think.

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Everyone knows the CIA is the biggest drug dealer.

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Not surprised. The C_A is a self-funding government (???) agency, and amongst their sources of cash, (gun-running, organ-, human-trafficking, and shell corporations) the illicit drug trade has got to be their biggest.

Remember when Trump ordered a MOAB dropped on that poppy plantation in Afghanistan? Claimed it was a Taliban/Al-Qaeda operation, but I personally suspect it was him sending a message to the C_A that he's gunning for their secret drug operations.

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Cia....is Isis is the drug cartel is the snuff film producers is the organ harvest company..is the child kidnappers. It's the Nazi secret police in The new millennia. The are the mafia,anyone with a functioning brain cell is aware of this.

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Another one for the 'duh' file.

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You want to end the government and CIA and stop them from drugging and poisoning our children start exposing their drug cartel empire. Sting and bust as many CIA cartel assests as possible not just in South America but in Afghanistan as well. The CIA is why we have a drug problem and Islamic terrorism problem. No CIA no problem. All terrorism and drugs flow from the CIA into America.

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Legalize everything. Regulate and tax it appropriately. Stop trying to say to others when it comes to their own body: NO, YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

All of it leads to certain groups with no morals profiting an insane amount off those who'd do it anyway.

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The CIA flooded America with Cocaine in the 80s while fighting Communism. In the 2000s - 2010s the CIA flooded America with Heroin while fighting radical Islamic extreme terrorism in Afghanistan. The Heroin came from Afghanistan and the oil came from Iraq. Makes you wonder.

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Thousand pieces. Time to shut down and scatter all alphabet soups.

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