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Great discussion. So evident throughout just how relatively free Rogan is, especially relative to Elon. To wake up and find the Air Force weighing in.. not a surprise.

I found it interesting that while discussing Texas, they agree that even though Texas is predominantly one way, it's fine to be a liberal there. That they don't care if you leave them alone.

I wonder if they'd be willing to say that the opposite isn't true, as is increasingly obvious as of late.

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Texas is that way. Like Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston were always very different from one another. Those cities were always very different from East Texas or the panhandle. Then came the nomadic parasites from CA. They fucked up their state then move to Austin and other big cities in TX and try to spread the disease, vote in SJWs and suicidal radicals who hate their race and country. TX has always had a lot of immigrants, both legal and illegal but when you declare a city a sanctuary city, it ties both local and federal law enforcement's hands to go after violent drug dealers, pedophiles and other criminals. Worse maybe, is the fucking cities like Austin WELCOMING the homeless. They piss and shit everywhere downtown. There are needles everywhere. Any judges handing out lengthy prison sentences for hard drug use are quickly brought to heel or forced out.

This is one reason why in TX you're seeing a large push against Islam, gun grabbers and immigration. It's not just coming from the whites but the mestizos and some blacks as well. This is my biggest problem with liberals. They take over a state, declare sanctuary cities, invite in homeless then when the cost of living goes up, crime hits sky high, they pack up and move to another state they haven't fucked up yet and do the same thing in their new home. The place they left before, states like CA, NY and Michigan, will never recover from the cycle of poverty they created, one that starts at birth with babies being fucked up in the womb by junkie moms, the homelessness, the massive immigration, the criminals running free, the corruption, the dysfunctional and over priced public utilities, the corruption at all levels of government... these people destroy whole societies, pack up and move on to the next one. By the time they run out of places to run, the whole country will look like CA.

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A major reason why it won't repair is because people will never vote to have their gibs taken away.

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Conservatives in general are more tolerant than they reputation we are given. It’s the liberals who are intolerant of differences.

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Look at how many shill accounts there are in this thread, talking shit about Alex Jones. Seriously, everyone: take a few minutes and hover your mouse over the names of accounts that are disparaging him: all shills. Every last one. Food for thought.

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Very strange how some come out very quickly and say to not watch or listen to him.

I find some of his documentaries to be very good, especially with Alan Watt.


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Asking in earnest, how do you tell a shill just from a hover?

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Lower than a -20 comment score; some even have lower than negative one thousand ccp. If you're just having conversations, or even shitposting: it's hard to achieve that. Takes a special kind of antagonist to score negative CCP. Others are aged accounts (at least a year old): that you've never seen, but have really low CCP (or super high SCP with no CCP) but they've started randomly spamming inflammatory responses all over a thread. No one could post like that, for so long, and keep their scores so close to zero without intentional fuckery.

There's more contextual clues to find, that can tip you off. Won't spoon-feed these lurking paid disruptors all my tricks, though.

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Look at how many shill accounts there are in this thread, talking shit about Alex Jones. Seriously, everyone: take a few minutes and hover your mouse over the names of accounts that are disparaging him: all shills. Every last one. Food for thought.

I've noticed this. The attacks on Alex Jones in Voat are too vicious and too systematic to be natural. It's obviously an anti-Jones campaign by leftist shills, who will use any argument to poison Alex Jones in the minds of nationalists.

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We all know Alex Jones is right pretty much. Alex Jones is good and so moderate the establishment has to go after him because he represents an existential threat to them, because he reaches out to the common public. We need our far-right version of Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is sort of like the Wizard of Oz. In the end game, he brings out the cryptic details and draws out the truth from myth.

Walketh in man of the white Robed Hooded variety. You are to revive a new kind of "round table" and "Knight's Templar."

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Alex Jones is controlled opposition. How are people not getting this by now?

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Yes, which is why he's not our fucking cult leader you retard. The key concept YOU don't understand is the "opposition" part. He's allowed to run amok and say whatever he wants WITHIN CERTAIN BOUNDS. We all know what his restrictions are, but for the rest he's running wild and hitting a lot of correct notes.

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They kicked their own controlled opposition off the face of the internet? Explain how that makes any sense.

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I don't get the need to point this out. I don't trust Alex. I've seen him run many other people out of alternative media, people that could have became something. I've heard all the rumors about his drug use, etc. I used to live in his neck of the woods. I don't think the guy's a saint. I don't know how much he is or isn't controlled. I don't like his method because he puts fear and panic into people. That's the only way some people will listen and at least those people aren't voting liberal. At least they're aware as consumers. At least they're supporting the 1st and 2nd amendments. I also know Alex holds back on a lot of what he wants to say and there is a lot more he speaks about if you can read between the lines some. I can't say what is his mental state is. Sometimes he's a raving idiot and other times he's laying out the facts as brilliantly as anyone can. Is this his mental state or all an act? I don't know. Does it matter?

I'll say that I think that at least he goes deeper than the mainstream media outlets and at least he promotes families staying together, having children, gun ownership, freedom of speech and being prepared. Vitamin salesman? Sure. Fear monger? Absolutely.. but I'll take him over the mainstream fear mongers and sellers of junk food and abortion any day of the week.

I don't spend a lot of the time watching his show because of his attitude a lot of the times. It's hard to sit through that for more than 15 minutes. The people he has working under him are decent, mean well but most of them are low IQ lackeys, people that could never challenge Jones for his crown. I still did sometimes enjoy watching his Youtube highlights though, both the brilliant and the ridiculous ones.

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Okay, fine, we just need a Nazi version of Alex Jones that will pummel the system and reverse engineering that should be easy.

I know Alex Jones is sort of an idiot and sucks, but we need to find the glimmer of light wherever we can find it.

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It's odd that as a people we're trained to automatically discount the ideas someone brings up simply because we don't like them. The things Alex said to Rogan in that interview were all true. If anything, he held back on saying them for years because he knew that people by and large weren't ready to hear it. Regardless of whether or not you believe in a God or Gods, that doesn't change anything in regards to where the world is headed or what is happening.

Most of us are willfully ignorant on what is going on in the world. We spend our time watching race baiting garbage on CNN, Fox and ESPN and being pissed off at Kapernekick or whatever his name is when we all we have to do is simply not watch it or not buy Nikes. We're not living in the 50s anymore, despite what the television keeps trying to get us to regress to: petty race wars, petty fights with each other at work, people scheming at some non-sense job thinking they are a Lanister or a Stark. AI is here. It's here more than they're telling us. Immortality, at least in some forms, is already here. The same can be said for space travel. The world we think we live in, as commoners, is so different than the world that the wealthy elites of the world live in, it's similar to the Dark Ages, where the commoners lived around 26 years and wealthy lived 2.5x that long, where commoners were often retarded and cross eyed and the wealthy had 40 IQ points on them, where commoners thought there were monsters at the edge of their lord's estate and under bridges and the English royalty were manufacturing fake wars with their cousins in France, when it was all in the family the whole time. People believing we really know what is going or how the world ran is simply a combination of arrogance and ego. I see what I can see, what I can deduce but I have no idea what is really going on. I can only go off the information we are given but it seems that 98% of people out there can't even do this and want to deny the 4th industrial revolution altogether. AI will only become a problem to most of these people after the meteor hits.

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What meteor?

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-Barbara Lerner Spectre

Put like that it's hard to agree with this one

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He must have watched Bill's podcast.

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Bil Hicks!

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I couldn't stomach Jones' utter misunderstanding of what the giants of physics taught us right in the first few seconds.

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But then I think about all the people around me and like 2 or 3 exceptions aside I couldn't care less if the whole lot of them ended up in a terminator nightmare

Seriously, think about it, how many people around you do you really care about? 1% Less? The rest of them are like, what? Anonymous morons you don't even want to know or have anything to do with, it's just that you're forced to share the same physical space with them/to interact with them to buy things and shit, but really they wouldn't be there who fucking cares, good fucking riddance eventually

I mean it's true, and they probably feel the same about you or me

For that reason alone it's fucking hopeless, the course of events will remain on its trajectory and shit will happen

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