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Look for a crash in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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Watch the emerging market currency ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCeoAQSFHy8

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I think emerging markets contagion that spreads. The Lira could take down European markets. I think combo with yuan devaluing and China getting ass-blasted by the tariffs. Of course it will take out the multi-national conglomerates, i.e. Nike, Apple, FB, Google... but leave US Based companies in tact, and most importantly US Agriculture. It'll be painful to the US, but not deadly. Deadly to China, Europe and the middle east though.

Funny how US in the last few years has become a net exporter of food and gas. Looks like Trump got the US prepared to weather the storm.

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I dunno, people have been screaming gloom and doom since 2016 and the skies have been clear so far.

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Slaves predict. Kings react.

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Right, so what are you saying, specifically? My understanding of the world is the exact opposite. Kings plan, and make decisions long before plebes even hear about what's happening, and they're the ones left reacting to the king's early moves. Before someone can react to something, wouldn't they be predicting what happens first and then reacting accordingly?

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You started this thread with a fanciful question that no one can answer. My point is that prediction is a fool's game. You can't control for the myriad of factors in the financial markets nor can you control them in any way so why bother predicting? The smart investor has rock-solid rules that simply respond to market moves.