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Of course they are paid. It's quite commonc that many protesters are just people to hire. This happens all over the world. You can notice this especially when you start asking questions to these people as to what they are protesting for, what is their reason etc. Usually they know nothing about anything.

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That is why the handlers, at these protests, to not speak to anyone. It's because they were paid to be there and make noise. They don't vote nor do they understand anything that is going on in the world.

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Need to dox the dude with the cash

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Dollar to a bagel that he's got an Israeli address.

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Mentally disabled people who otherwise can't hold a job need to pay for their cat food somehow.

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The memes really do write themselves!

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Literally the entire point of memes is they are self-explanatory. This is something that makes the routine attempts by the left to create memes so cringe-worthy, because their mental handicap doesn't allow them to process self-explanatory ideas and they have to assign some kind of emotional or social justice based motivator. It makes the meme appear ridiculous, rather than funny.

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People act like this is some sort of news or secret. They advertise the fact, ffs.

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This isn't secret. They hire off of Craigslist.

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I'm assuming they let a 150lb skinny geek walk around with an envelope full of cash because they know lefty fags don't have the balls to just rob him.

Pose as a lefty, be approached, Rob hindu kid. Escape with money or expose entire scheme.

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Put the Africans on to it . . . they'll do it.

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Silly rabbit. Let’s really think about this for just a moment and you realize how pointless it is to give a fuck.

You purpose that you commit a likely felony to “expose” something that they are doing legally because you want to see something? First off let’s say they did prosecute and the trial was covered.

How many people do you think would actually give a fuck enough to stop it as to those that would seek employment? Shit I would do it if approached and payment up front.

Because I know for a fact that if our current president was on our side he would have been dead long ago. I am prepped for the end of days. Got bullets, food, water, and learned how to mill out and construct a great many firearms.

No one gives a fuck about this and no one will because they don’t have to. You think you helped elect trump? You didn’t because he lost the popular vote and it doesn’t matter if that she bitch cheated because numbers and numbers.

No one investigated it and no one will. Lol

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You're either a nut job or a shill. Either way, your defeatist attitude comment has been dismissed.

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Repost image to not reddit next time please OP.

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