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Once they start looking they will find that shit in lots of things.

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The U.S. industry bathes their seeds, and the crops those seeds grow in Roundup.

It is literally in anything produced with corn, wheat, sorghum, and soy beans.

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I'm less and less concerned every time someone tells me my all-meat diet is a bad thing.

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I once saw a documentary about nuclear bomb testing back in the 40's and how they infected millions with radioactive cereal in an experiment to see the results, I know some think BS but here you go.

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Lol at anybody eating breakfast cereal

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I've sprayed glyphosate since the early 80's.

Ate Quaker Oatmeal for about 45 years or so, too.

Neither me nor any of my long-term employees have cancer.

Use your PPE. Follow label instructions.