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I like this theory. I've always been curious why I never seen him with the older/elite type crowd... You hit the nail on the head possibly!

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I know its from a movie but I though it was anti Hilter, What happened?

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He has rooted out at least 2 spy’s and has had code altered maliciously by said spies. He’s also led on to who rules the world with one of his tweets which led to the speculation of others that he was talking about the Jewish influence, which he never responded to.

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you can pretty clearly tell there was a sudden, coordinated decision to slander him in the media on on places like leddit. Overnight on leddit it went from "elon musk is literally god" to "what a insufferable egotistical asshole, GOD", so hilariously transparent.

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I agree with you, but I also think he's an insufferable egotistical asshole and not nearly as smart as people think, based on the handful of interviews I've seen.

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They got him to cry on tv. The narrative is set for "suicide".

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I think they'll go for "insanity". A little gaslighting, some constructive-interference auditory hallucinations, a large pay-off to his shrink, and spiking his ambien with LSD and they can take away his companies and see him fade to obscurity with only some "conspiracy kooks" to complain about it.

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what are "constructive-interference auditory hallucinations?"

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You mean he's going to hang himself from a door knob any day now

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There is nothing they can't convincingly manipulate with their control of the media and the technology to fake any type of video and/or audio footage. This is about the 4th industrial revolution. I would bet they already have created and are using advanced AI. If not, they're on the cusp of it. The same could be said for immortality, whether that is clones, re-animation later on or uploading brains onto computers, the sub species of men that rule the planet is already merging with machines and in some ways have already secured their own immortality. Our everyday lives are day to day, week to week, year to year. For the more successful of us, maybe it's dying and leaving things to our grandchildren after we put our kids through school or hitting 100. For people ruling the planet, it's about living forever, merging with machines and going into the cosmos or possibly even existing in the micro, a whole universe in something the size of a living room table.

Who knows what is going on with Elon or whether or not it's even real. You're talking about a South African. Throw in China and their relationship with the global banking elite and you have no way of really knowing what went on or what is going on. On some levels, at least the levels we're hearing about, there certainly seems to be a group of elites that is against the total trashing of Western society that isn't too happy about ruling over a landfill. I think from where we are it would be impossible to really know the dynamics of any of that though.

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I think you're inflating human technological prowess quite a lot. All they've got is A.I. bots to disrupt public forums and track people across the web.

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How many decades have they been cryogenically freezing people? How many decades has it been since we've had rockets that can take us into space? How many decades have they been saving someone's DNA for crimes or for cloning? Look at super computing. How fast is that advancing exactly? These are just the things we know about and if you think you're getting the full story on any of that, then good for you I guess? Your post couldn't be more wrong. If it was sarcasm then well played Sir. Well played.

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He gambles on being a part of the new space elite. It's a bold bet. On par with the thousands of Americans who gambled on joining the oil elite in the early twentieth century. - Think about how many people we still remember from that time.

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He got a lot of government help for a guy not in the blackmail club.

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Because there's a race to weaponize space and the USA need a reliable and affordable delivery system. Being the hired-thugs for foreign bankers who enslave us is the utmost consideration for the US defense industry.

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Mathis is a fun read but I think he's a bit off. The bankers have incentives to create solar-electric, but they are worried about it empowering Americans.

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Very interesting. I have been skeptical of this dude, he just stinks of propaganda BS. Especially that send a car to space crap. I haven't had much else but this paper is very interesting... Still undecided, but this definitely lends to my skepticism.

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