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I genuinely laughed at his book review of Yukio Mishima. The way he passionately gushes about his book.


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My god the Swedish Slav is obsessed with Japanese Culture! His review was good and made me want to read the book.

As much shit as he gets, he is fully aware of the destruction of Sweden, his only problem is he is vegan (i'm guessing because of Marzia) the test in the next two years is to see if the faggot is going to change.

And I say faggot with loving praise, because I know he follows Voat and 4chan.

What I don't get is that he has no problem with using 4 chan memes HOWEVER he won't use Voat meme's which are clearly better and supperior.

My theorem is that he wants to use Voat however he wants the memes on a 'popular' platform as an excuse to post nigger faggots know what to do!

Edit: I secretly believe one of his parents is a Slav. Which is fine with me cause i'm a Slav Native


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being vegan is a problem

The majority of vegans are white. That leads me to believe it's an inherently Aryan lifestyle, so I feel reluctant to shame it. What other race would have compassion for animals to this extent?