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You can do it, Felix. Impregnate Marzia, redpill the normies, save the West.

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PewDiePie's girl is a cutie pi

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Yeah but that squeaky voice

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Please be a Murdoch Murdoch reference.

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How many millions of young people would be red pilled if Pewdie was banned? I hope he keeps going.

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They already are nearly every video he makes has a red pill. "Christian Channel, Gloria Borger, meme review of Alt Right content, book club...etc..." the man is a subtle genius on pushing populist messages

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That's great God bless the mother licker!

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He even mentioned Q for like 1 single second in the middle of one of his videos a few weeks/a month ago, nearly made me spit!

Didn't elaborate or anything, just mentioned he thought the letter Q might end up being important at a later date, and I think it was in the context of a joke about another letter or something, so he used that as an excuse to slip it in.

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"Queue the trump memes"

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I genuinely laughed at his book review of Yukio Mishima. The way he passionately gushes about his book.

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Would they? Or would they simply move on to watching the next shiny bits that float by on the stream

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Every 9 year old in the world would explode.

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Bye-bye PewDiePie the goyim know waaaaaaaay too much

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This video doesn't show on youtube at all. Big surprise.

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I tend to regard this man as an idiot, but he needs to get credit for defending Alex Jones against censorship.

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Here it is explained why it is no censorship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqC82zmHccU

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Good video, I like Corbett but he didn't say it was not censorship at all. It is by definition censorship. He talking about the fact that more government control is bad and we have the option (and should) move to other platforms.

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He clearly said more than one time in the video: "This is no censorship" but thank you for down-voting my comment ...