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100% fake and gay their website is working perfectly, I have hosting experience that's just fucking laughable. If you can change your homepage, as they have done, then you can do just about everything else.

Phase 2 of censorship make anyone who supported Alex over the last week look like dipshits. 5 bucks this is on CNN by tomorrow

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The Infowars website is being hosted in cloudflare. There is no attack, that's their page now.

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Ha ha awesome they are just total $hills I literally hate them

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Just like that pjw tweet on Saturday stating that the Google play store was omitting the IW app from top downloaded, but fails to show apps that are currently downloaded.

Edit: found the tweet


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I can't believe how many times infowars has been annihilated in terms of credibility but people still trust them. We have got too many normies around these days, brain drain. Basic bitch tactics are starting to work again..

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NO, it's definitely down. Check "is it down" right now. Here's a screenshot https://s8.postimg.cc/e1jpar5d1/info.png

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Except it's not down. If the website was down, you wouldn't get a nice looking page like that with a ton of links to other places. This is a publicity stunt.

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Yes, it is down. Here's a screenshot. https://s8.postimg.cc/e1jpar5d1/info.png

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It wasn't down when those posts were made. They had a full page with links and everything pointing you to their other platforms.

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The site is not down. This is Phineas' Egress con. It's to direct traffic and garner support.

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RED ALERT! At first I thought the Alex Jones takedown was coordinated prior to the election by white hats so that he can look like a martyr. Now Infowars.com has been taken offline. Amid that, they've come for other excellent truth purveyors. Jay Dyer's webpage JaysAnalysis.com has been taken down, without warning, by Wordpress. This is coordinated. Take note. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onOI7pO12s0 [Embed] Tweet at Wordpress! Tweet at major names! Get a spotlight on this! Gab.ai welcomed Alex Jones with open arms after his mass deplatforming. After which, Gab CEO's house nearly burnt down through an electrical fire. Microsoft threatened to remove them. Youtube then deletes the Alex Jones interview of Gab CEO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O2-HCDfq0E&t=341s [Embed] Migrate and make noise. fellowship of the minds is gone

fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com is no longer available. Tech companies have declared war on free speech. Can we get Q's attention on this? Also, link Q post specifically about this moment's censorship push. America has been taken over by China/Russia/Israel/Iran and Saudi Arabia during Obama's administration.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOYXmcmxJGo&feature=youtu.be&a= [Embed] Alex suspended from Twitter for a week! https://www.kvia.com/news/us-world/twitter-suspends-conspiracy-theorist-alex-jones-for-one-week/781639493 Guys This happened just after twitter had blocked Jones' from tweeting


Shit is going down, we need to act fast. People are saying we should have a bill of rights for the internet. Fuck that. What needs to be done is for every tech leader who has censored someone be shot in the back of the head. You can't negotiate with evil. And make no mistake about it, what we're dealing with is evil. I don't think most people realize just how dark things are...

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You should make a post about this

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I think it was taken down purposely for redesign after everyone figured out their obvious ruse to be honest...

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You're very right. The infowars part is definitely for real. I just registered an account to post this. Check out https://www.infowars.com right now. It's down at this moment of my comment and then came back up. If they were doing this themselves, why would it be intermittent issues? They'd keep it down.

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Because they were redesigning the pages... after it became obvious that their take down( I mean, redirect...) was fake.

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reminder that alex jones is disinformation.

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Paul Joseph Watson Talks About The Closing Of Infowars https://www.real.video/5822241612001

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Just have a look at his/her submission history - it's all from the same handful of sites. Voat is not a source of income for you, @madmalloy.

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Gee, you don't think they DoS'd themselves by having so many people subscribe to their app their traffic choked?

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