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Get out of the Clinton Mirror Kobold.

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you are not only a liar, but also deranged. seek mental help.

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I give it. You need it. My advice is free.

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There's also a lot of people in Trump's orbit.

But "a Russian died and Trump is linked to muh Russia" is probably more a coincidence than anything else.

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https://tweetsave.com/saradannerdukic/status/1028012609822437376 :

Sara Danner Dukic on Twitter: "Okay - given the immediate trolling I received just from posting a link about Dennis Shields being found dead - they're GOING TO *LOVE* THIS.

(Pour yourself a strong drink. Seriously.)"

This has been an automated message.

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Ridiculous. You live in a satanic mirror and spew ludicrous crazy stuff.

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Voat can you kill this bot again?

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accuse others of what you are guilty doing

-- machiavelli, the prince