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Others said there were other shooters. Official story has Cruz wearing his maroon redshirt however a teacher said she saw from 20 feet away a shooter in full military armor and helmet , mask and all. Another teacher said he was Told they were going to run an active shooter drill and he thought they would be using blanks. Somethings just don't add up here

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This girl Alexa is NOT a crisis actor because her testimony DEBUNKS the official story. Crisis actors always SUPPORT the official story. Her behavior and facial expressions are totally believable. The reason she is smiling is because she is also surprised about the fact she walked and talked with the alleged shooter Cruz while the shooting was in progress.

This testimony coupled with the teacher Stacey Lippel who said that she saw the shooter and he was dressed in full military armor and helmet proves that this was a government false flag operation. Cruz is just a patsy.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=hWAbSieVyUA :

Parkland Mass Shooting Witness says there were three shooters! - YouTube

https://invidio.us/watch?v=cPvYxTa1ph4 :

'Full metal garb' - Teacher describes masked gunman at Florida school shooting - YouTube

https://archive.fo/0Oj8U :

Captain ordered deputies to stage a perimeter, not confront the gunman during Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting   - NY Daily News

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holy shit. consider this: What if the sandy hook shooter was also framed and all this crisis actor shit was used to cover up the real conspiracy?

Lanza was the perfecr patsy and we learned a lot about him afterwards. The Parkland shooter, Cruze, on the other hand we heard very little about as protests took storm and dominated news coverage.

Very interesting theory. thanks for posting

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Cruz is a patsy. He was setup so the state could try to steal his $800K inheritance his dead step mom left him. That's why they are holding his brother for $500K when normally it's only $25 for trespassing. FL is corrupt. He was jumped by a gang of Hispanic and black kids (someone said that chic marching participated) she even admits to bullying him. He's a #targtedindividual it's been going on since the obama administration. They target wealthy white and christian people to destroy them with psychological and electronic warfare, provoke them to attack then seize their property. They are using the Hispanic and black community to attack whites and Christians. It's been done to thousands, if not millions of white people already. The bullying of Nicholas Cruz was gangstalking i think they were targeting him he was a targeted individual. The government made him snap on purpose by using gangstalking.

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There are lots of holes in the official story. For example, the location of Cruz' arrest was given on the official police timeline of events document, as "Wyndham Lakes Drive, Coral Springs". There is no Wyndham Lakes Drive in Coral Springs, there is only a Wyndham Lakes Boulevard, South and North. I can't believe that they would have got the name of a street in their neighbourhood incorrect. (.pdf) https://bsofactcheck.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/MSD-Timeline-summarized-Media-3-8-18.pdf

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The teachers and students saw too much they saw too many shooters so the other cops shot one of their own and killed him so the other cops killed those people and one of their own and vanished his dead body that's him in the body bag.

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Did anyone else watch the events on tv immediately following sandy hook? Sounds eerily similar! Reports from witnesses as well as the police radio traffic indicating multiple shooters running off into the nearby woods. They were dressed in camo if I remember correctly. A cop actually caught one, but the later story was that was just a dad who was running through the woods away from the school?!? Yeah right.

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