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So, a bunch of pedophiles that take advantage of young people have a problem and it is racism?


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Are...are you an antisemite?



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Old jewish guys support black movies that portray christian whites as the slave masters and do not support a black movies that shows blacks overcoming adversity to become successful instead of perpetual victims in America. It perfectly fits the narrative. What is there to be confused about WAPO?


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Can we get around this with something like "I'm not white, I'm Neander Human" or "I'm not white, I'm Celtic"? Or something?

Can when drop the whole white thing?


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https://archive.fo/jpwbF :

The staggering numbers that prove Hollywood has a serious race problem - The Washington Post

'Few if any of these white, male academy members will walk onstage at the glitzy Feb. 28 awards show in Los Angeles. '

'Since 1927, 423 of the 435 nominations — about 97 percent — have gone to white directors. '

'But the other members — all white men, aged 70 and up — hadn’t voted for it; in fact, they hadn’t even seen it. '

'Only one man had tried watching it, but stopped partway through, waving off the critically acclaimed rap biopic as “too loud.”Those men selected American film’s highest honor alongside a group that looks almost exactly like themselves — the academy’s directors branch. '

'That’s an insult,” he said. “(‘12 Years a Slave’ director) Steve McQueen isn’t going to vote for a film because the director is black. '

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