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Three teenage girls have invented

Bullshit-sense tingling

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Kinda makes you wonder how many times their prototypes failed and they were raped as a result. Otherwise how would they get their hands on the illegal chemicals without manufacturing them or purchasing them?

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analogs perhaps?

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You gotta get up pretty early to get one past ma boy @GapingAnus

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Came up with a design concept and did some market surveys for a class project and later for submission to the Miami Herald's Business Plan Challenge competition would be a more accurate description.

There is no mention in any of the numerous articles that I could find that mentioned how it was meant to work, though there is mention that they planned to talk to drug kit manufacturers about making the straws for them. So it seems they never got past the concept and marketing.

Still quite a good achievement for a group of school kids, but is not the same as actually inventing.

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if they had some prototype, like a drug kit with a hole in it taped to a straw would that have made them inventors? wheres the line?

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The fact that this post is +149 -2 is alarming.

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We have an active community of accelerationist shithead trolls who think this is all just a big game. Most of them are trannies, their orbiters and other mentally ill people.

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Hollyweird is not banning the "use" of straws, dipshit. The ban is on restaurants provision of straws to customers in the misguided belief it will reduce plastic waste. For date rape-prevention straws you'd have to bring your own anyway, which is still perfectly permissible.

[–] rndmvar 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Ah, but now the date-rapists know who to avoid.
Since only those who bring in their own straws will have one in their drink.
Before the ban it was like concealed carry, but now the date-rape detector straws are open carry.

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So this would mean that bringing any regular old white straw would do the trick.

[–] BLOODandHONOUR 3 points 6 points (+9|-3) ago 

Or maybe you could stop acting like a degenerate fucktard and concentrate on being a future wife and mother?

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Are you honestly saying you can't think of a way for a Trad woman to have a drink spiked?

[–] BLOODandHONOUR 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Oh no, there are Dozens of ways. You think of the best one you can and then we will talk about it. I guarantee you this “trad” woman scenario who needs a drug detecting straw in her alcohol you will come up with will be informative for all

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LMFAO, saying the real shit around here! Appreciate people like you!

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They come up with bullshit like this every few years. Back when I was a fresh filly three guys "invented" nail polish that would detect date rape drugs. It's all garbage, dude.

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Seriously, what rapist worth their salt doesn't give his victim a manicure before finishing?

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Mmmm, rapist salt!

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Are they only banning white straws?

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Only straight draw, my straws are always curv anyhow.

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It has condushions

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Date rape drugs are an overblown load of shit. It's just girls getting shitfaced drunk 99% of the time

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The phrase, "white girl wasted" doesn't exist for no reason. It's a shame, how common the degeneracy has gotten.

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Just another (((Cohenincident)))

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So these are either completely untested, or these girls got their hands on some ketamine.

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They had some left over from that time they drugged and raped a guy.

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