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This video is overlayed with a bunch of different audio files. Example @ 9:04 you hear "guys, there's shots fired" which is taken from this video @ the 4:30 mark. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bxWqiMB3KlFo/

It appears to be a bunch of feeds overlapping one another. I am not sure if this is to confuse things but I figured I should point this out.

EDIT: Actually the entire audio from the link I shared is edited into this footage. This entire thing reeks to hell. Definitely more than one shooter and I believe a whole lot of fuckery as well.

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i dont trust anything. i dont trust the audio. i dont trust the camera positioning. or the movement. or when it moves. were all these people actors? was this to send a message?

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That is the correct attitude to take with this. For the record, you don't get to see a single person killed in this video. I'm not suggesting no one was shot or injured because I've seen compelling video suggesting there were shooters in the crowd causing confusion. I'm only stating that I've watched this through several times now and there is only one instance of someone being carried away by a group of people but I believe they were injured in a stampede. No piles of bodies, nothing. Then the lights go out and it looks like the cops are sweeping the place with flashlights. For the type of attack that was reported there should be piles of bodies.

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Can't contain my rage at this.

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I feel it as well

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Just listen to all that single shooter...no question there. Lone wolf.

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It's so clear that he used both hands for two guns and both of his feet for two more guns to equal 4 guns the fire at once all at the same time

Typical type of Navy SEAL training

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Whats so graphic about it?

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Some people have a thing against watching life leave a human body

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where did you see that faggot? I sure as hell didnt. must be that PC left-o-vision

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Talking about murder with a person in favor of murder (abortion etc) is always difficult.

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If it takes this long to come out you know it's fake

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Sounds like only one shooter to me! /s

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It's the same gunshots from multiple audio sources layed on top of each other. It's not multiple shots being fired simultaneously, just the same shots recorded from multiple microphones.

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It's impossible to confirm from the audio on this video because of the sources layered on top of each other. The taxi video I posted is irrefutable proof of more than one source of gun fire.

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Limited hangout.

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Thank you, this is the stuff I mentioned in an earlier post.

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