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Spamming this multiple times really convinces me that you're sincere and not just a D&C ShareBlue faggot.


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Refusing to talk about Jew influence tells me you are a Jew.

Oh wait, everyone already knew that you're a jew.


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everyone already knew that you're a jew.

member for 23 days

Gets the ol' noggin joggin'. Activates those almonds.


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You can't fix crazy/stupid OP. He's almost as bad as trying to reason with a woman.


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When will you guys wake up and realize the guy that offered the red pill offered the blue pill too? Therefore it is analogous to the people who are offering you the mainstream, are also offering you the "alternative" to the mainstream. Everything "alt-" is also zionist controlled. Wake the fuck up from your (((Hollywood))) induced trance.


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What a bunch of pussies. There's real serious shit happening all around us and you sit there calling each other names like fucking idiots. Add me to that group now, see, you fuckwads pulled me in too. Jesus.


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Eeh... Movies from Hollywood and "the red pill" are kinda a contradiction in terms

This shouldn't be a shock really


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You're pulling some @Crensch shit here, man.

Don't try too hard. People really start to get suspicious, especially in a place like this.


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That list is full of SJW and Jew propaganda.

All of the Monty Python movies.

All the Indiana Jones movies except the last one.

Back to the Future: Part 2

Blazing Saddles.




Hunt for Red October


Jurassic Park

Raising Arizona

Saving Private Ryan

Space Balls

Stand by Me

Stranger Things

Unreal the list has any of these movies. You might as well call it the Jew movie list for goyim.

Guess this sub is run by Jews.

Monty Python movies are anti-racist and pro-jew and anti-Christian.

Indiana Jones... Do I really need to say. Pro-jew to the max.

BTTF: anti-white degenerate trash

Blazing Saddles - Pro-jew anti-white pro-black. anti-racist. whites supposed to be scared of blacks

Expendables - garbage degenerate trash

gravity - a useless clueless female school teacher saves the day.

Heat - Rovert Dinero and al pachino trash

HfRO - obvious political propaganda, pro-spook

Incredible - all recent cartoons are trash

J Park - anti-white, made by a jew who raped the kids. That is why nearly every SS film has kids, he rapes them then gets to watch then on the big screen.

RA - jews anti-family

SPR - jews, anti-white, SS trash

Space Balls - pro jew, anti-white, whites supposed to be scared of blacks

Stand by me - the kids were raped by jews

Stranger things - antiwhite, encourages interracial relationships, promotes females being better than males many times

Also note the Jew shills attacked the other thread.


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List seems pretty Jew + Anti-white


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your spamming this shit, and claiming "shills" shut down the last one, and your account is only 21 days old



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The Jew refuses to discuss. Refuses to talk.

They made demands. When demands are met they make more demands.

When those demands are met then start ad hominem attacks.

They NEVER talk about the subject, ever.

These tactics are seen all over social media. They are always the same. Because the Jews follow the same playbook.

Notice https://voat.co/user/theoldones never once tried to talk about the subject or even give an opinion, only made demands they to insults. Notice the pattern.


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Show where his statements are false, if false.


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LOl, you got called out again, jew.

It is obvious to everyone here you are a jew.

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