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SMH at these comments making light of child-trafficking. Children should be protected. They literally are the future. It really shows how bad it's gotten.


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If you look into this issues deeply you will discover there is a ring of paedophiles and satanic cults that are after children.


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Okay, here's what I've been trying to say since the insipid fucking downvotes I've been getting on that other thread: Evidence. Hard...cold...factual...unimpeachable...evidence.

Like it or not our legal system is set up so that it's Constitutional. Everyone, let that sink in because it's needed, EVERYONE Accused or Suspected of Committing a Crime Is Presumed Innocent Until PROVEN Guilty and not the other way around. It's far easier to prove guilt than it is to prove innocence.

Right now, that NXIVM shit is proving my point on that. It's based in evidence and is currently going to trial.

Citing a whole host of bullet points there, I'd rather invite Ryan Cristian to watch the events of the NXIVM trial play out.

Look, it's not that I don't believe it's happening, I do but we're in a hell of a quandary here. If there's not enough evidence to warrant some kind of probable cause, there's no investigation. So there has to be enough evidence to warrant probable cause, investigation without interruption, secure arrests and siezures of evidence, presentation of that evidence to a prosecutor, indictments, trial by jury and then that evidence has to be enough to secure a conviction because, if it's not and the prosecutors do not follow the letter of the law, motherfuckers like that will get off with an acquittal. Sad but true.

While there may be enough evidence in the public eye, that's not how we do things and we spent eight years slamming Obama's unconstitutional measures, are we now saying we get to do that? Because with our current state of media of any sort still costuming evidence that hasn't even been seen in a court of law, we just ...go with it?

Then we have people dressing it up like what I call The Hole In The Bucket. Goes like this:

There's a hole in my bucket

Then plug it with straw.

Straw's too long.

Cut it with a knife.

Knife is too dull.

Then sharpen it with the stone.

Stone is too dry.

Then put get some water and wet it.

But there's a hole in the bucket and I can't get water with a hole in the bucket.

...it's this all over again. It's like telling someone they're racist because they're white and they can't see how racist they are because of their skin color. X People in power are doing bad things. How do we know this? They do them in secret. Okay, so how to do we know this. Inside sources tell us so. Okay who are these sources? ..I think you get it. If the logic is going to get circular, yep, people are going to dismiss it. Want people to take it seriously, change the approach. Present only what you can prove in a court of law.

Hey I might find shapeshifting alien/human hybrids absolutely fascinating but until I can put one in front of you that actually does it, you would call me nuts, wouldn't you?


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How can this be true? I can get a prostitute with a phone call. It's easy. Where can you find a child? I've never seen that. Anyone advertising that sort of thing puts a huge bullseye on themselves. I think its very rare.


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Rich and famous have channels to access that you don't.


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as easy as ordering Pizza for Elites

Voat is packed with naïve dumbshits who only see the world from their own very narrow perspective >>

"I'm not like that, that means nobody is like that!"


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The connected have access to certain dealers. They won't reveal themselves until you're in their circle..


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Go behind the Dairy Queen.


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Idk, all my "girls" are legal, at least their documents and background stories check out...?

Granted, some of them look as young as 15 maybe 14 in proper lighting on a good day with makeup done right...

All b.s. aside, I've had girlfriends I knew were older than me, the shortest being about 4'9", very petite, she looked like a child, almost had me feeling guilty about it, had people in public staring real hard, but she was completely legal.....

Point being it's too easy to get a completely legal chick who doesn't look legal as is, unless you're loser, in which case kill yourself and spare the rest of us another headache.