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Not only is this being proven more and more to be a carcinogen, but it has weird effects like pseudo-Celiac Disease. People who've eaten gluten their entire lives are now being diagnosed as having Celiac Disease out of no where. Watch for this to start happening more and more as we venture into the part of the experiment that reveals the long-term side effects of Glyphosate.

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That Roundup shit is sold virtually everywhere . . .

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Idk man, Roundup has been out for a while. It’s obvious that it has negative effects on health like gluten intolerance, but I doubt it’ll come up with much more than that. My guess is that we’ve got all of these health irregularities due to the combination of all these chemicals. Can’t just put the blame on Roundup, even though it’s a cause

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Your name makes me trust your comment about gluten, lol. But still, Roundup wasn't a thing until like 1983, which, I think, makes it relatively new. That, coupled with the fact that major headlines are finally starting to pick up on it makes me think there is a lot more to be discovered or released about this stuff. I mean I hope nothing more comes from it, although causing cancer is still pretty bad. You're right, though, 30 plus years without mass illness is a pretty good indication that things could be significantly worse.

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Here’s our autism guys.

Prior research has stated that autism is affected by the gut when performing tests on rats.

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Oh make no mistake. This shit causes cancer. Just because they haven't made the "connection" yet. Its fucking obvious!

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Roundup destroys testosterone and reaks havoc of the endocrine system. It's a way to pussify and pacify the populace.

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We need to find a implementation of testosterone in mass food supply. Men build civilization. Woman destroy civilization.

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Well no shit.

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No kidding.

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why is this in conspiracy, this is fact

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conspiracy does not imply non-factual! unfortunate effective CIA disinfo from the 60s Kennedy assassination

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i understand.... i still have that in my head as a definition... apologizes...

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I never get traction with glyphosate on other forums. People don't seem to care, happy to consume their glyphosate fruit loops. But please post it elsewhere, maybe you get better luck.

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Seralini proved the Cancer Connection. this GLYPHO shit is banned in most of Europe. (Wherever Seralini was able to get the courtS to take the case).