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That's called bullshit. No solid food for 50 years, prized intellectual. lol yeah right.

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Because hawking was a trust fund baby.

You think low class people could afford that shit?

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LOL because he was a SOCK PUPPET!!!

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The real answer is Royal Rife machine. Which would utterly destroy the medical field. So HEAVILY suppressed. Dr Royal Rife was a genius. He discovered TB. He HAND MADE the first scope capable of seeing virus sized activities, in real time without destroying the sample. (It was 40 years to do that after the confiscating and 'loss' of most of his scopes, by whom? The AMA.)

Of course they destroyed him.

They use it in cases of national level people.. You think the Queen looks so good from strict diet and exercise? It cured his ALS, but not the damage.

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This video is so dumb, he can still taste all of that shit even if he cant chew or swallow it.

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LOL. He is Jewish Art.

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Epstein Island?

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Never thought it would go this far.

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Human fetus stem cells. It is best to extract "while" torturing the host.

They strap the unwilling mother to a gurney and break her bones and keep her from going into shock by pumping her full of stimulants. This will to force the fetus to produce the "mythical" Fountain of Youth.

They documented this with Nazi and Japanese during the last great war. The US, Britain and Russia have never been sacked for our medical experiments to become public knowledge.

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I gather your Catholic.

I mean I'm only guessing but that seems to be a very orthodox opinion of how that shit works.

Stick to fucking your priest cos your science isn't good.

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I only visited Catholic churches while in Italy and Europe.. Yet organized religion is not mu friend. Your assumptions are lacking any merit.

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I'm not sure why people are downvoating you. Too lazy to fact check your statement maybe?

It is known to science that fetus can donate stem cells to the mother to help heal injuries.