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monsanto killed them by accident; but for profit

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It's funny that it's easier for them to create robot bees than stop killing the real ones

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easier profitable

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Right? Breeding insects isnt hard. Hell we know how to farm bees. They self replicate even!

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Its from neonicotinoids. Basically because people are smoking less they turned tobacco into pesticide. Yay!

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Tell me more

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So basically they spray seeds with this stuff, and it keep bugs off the crops, however it builds up in the soil and over time fucks with the bees. It doesn't kill them outright, but over time makes them not be able to control their bee bodies. Thus killing hives.

I listened to a writer on C2C about it. Cant member the name tho.

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It would be easier to create your own breed of bee that fucks all icognito. You register that breed with the copyright office and let them go to work. You own all bees. Why build a factory when you can submit paperwork?

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Bees are being killed off because of mass migratory beekeeping you dumbshit. People have been looking for a solution since the threat of cross contaminated bee colonies were first recognized. Wal-Mart is not "a retailer" the vast majority of their profits derive from food so obviously they're a little concerned about agriculture.

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shut the fuck up you stupid cunt...

Bees are being killed off by massive worldwide use of Glyphosate in an intentional power grab for the means of pollination.

Classic Disaster Capitalism invented by (((greedy fuckers))) who already own the Cancer and War industries.

What are you, like 16 and how the fuck are you so god damn naïve ?

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Or, OR, artificially migrating tens of billions of honeybees creates an environment rich for cross contamination that wouldn't otherwise exist. Is it really that hard to conceive? The same rule applies for any creature on the planet. Animals get sick and the more animals there are confined to an area, the more of them get sick. Occam's razor.

What are you, like 16 and how the fuck are you so god damn naïve ?

I'm skeptical of any claim made, especially by conspiracy theorists making sensational claims who's main evidence is usually "it's so obvious". If I weren't then I'd be sitting in a loony bin ranting about military bases on Mars and planet Niburu.

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Right. Control the food supply and you can control a vast amount of population. Lets just hope they starve the fuckers in South Africa.

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Honey Bees are an invasive species to america... if they went extinct tomorrow wed be better off

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Look it up. Bees are native to europe. We have plenty of other pollinators here on this continent that they suppress.

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Create a problem, provide a solution.

Reality is being manufactured, and is available to you the consumer at a very reasonably price!

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Scorched earth policy all in the name of profits.

The books I read the more it feels like authors are telling us where these people are trying to go with things. We're heading towards a world filled with deep poverty, slavery, living in ghettos and shanties. The tiny home movement isn't meant for offgrid living or cheaper way of housing. It's to get the younger generation accustomed to living in a tiny cube.

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