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I went to cty. It really is just a geek camp. You get to take a college course, accelerated, for three weeks. It was super fun. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but it wasn't anything crazy. You just had to take the SATs and apply and stuff. It was expensive, but a nice experience.

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Sounds to me like you were conditioned to make that response

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Lol possibly. I was only there for three weeks so idk how much they could have brainwashed me. Rage on, tho

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You're retarded and a counterrevolutionary.

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yea so they run the shit like they run the masonic lodges. You went to the good christian lodge where they all said "in the name of Jesus amen" and plotted how they would go build a crippled lady a wheelchair ramp for her house in secret...

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I went to CTY and was nothing

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No shit! What did you study?

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Shills out in full force today, nobody's pointing out the obvious thing all 3 have in common.

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They're all jews, so no big surprise there.

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Fake and gay, CTY is harmless.. spoiled rich kids becoming rich adults? not a new pattern

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Start making arrests.

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Great find

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What's the issue? Smart and rich kids are going to be way more successful than normal.

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No... they fuck them in the ears and send them out into the world brain washed in satanic seminal fluids. They have all kinds of programing in them and all kinds of screwed up disassociate issues. They are made into puppets.

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