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Three options here:

1, this whole thing was planned from the start by liberals/globalists to happen (probably even being planned to happen under President Clinton's early term, given how this happened in the county of one of her top subordinates, Debbie "Ramen-haired" Wasserman Schultz), hoping that this would be the "final straw that breaks the camel's back" (not expecting the JROTC to actually do anything to stop the attack or minimize casualties here, and not expecting how easily their "WE NEED GUN CONTROL" narrative is getting destroyed in the alternative media these days).

2, this thing happened naturally (from the same terrible school board policies of "it doesn't matter what a kid does, don't ever punish him with jail time or any kind of legal penalties" implemented back around the time of Trayvon Martin in 2012), and people in the nearby area either decided to join this narrative of their own (ignorant teenage) will or are being coached to do so by their liberal and/or morally-corrupt parents.

3, a few kids from that 3,000-student school have some ideas about the real cause of the shooting, but they randomly decided to sell their soul and act as puppets for the gun control agenda, allowing the Marxists in the media to push their own toxic narratives while using these kids as their "useful idiots," turning yet another tragedy into nothing more than a political springboard for those bastards.

No matter how you spin it, this is bad for the gun control narrative, and just makes it look fake and artificial.